Zachary Aslaxin Jr.

Son of Lady Charisma Aslaxin and Lord Zachary Aslaxin I of House Aslaxin


Male, human aristocrat 1/ranger 2/ceric 1: Hps 37, AC 16.


As far back as you can remember, these four had plagued your very existence. As sons and daughters of the wealthiest of Cauldron’s citizen’s, these four punks had lofted every known jibe, jeer, and insult in your direction and subjected all those beneath them to their taunts and teases with the smug smiles that the life of the privileged brings with it.  As children, every pageant, parade or festival you can remember had one or more of them serving as “prince” or “princess” of the event and the crowds always cheered when they would see one of their town’s “crown jewels” riding at the front of the parade, while you stood in the muddy gutters and looked up, suffering their sneering looks as they gazed down upon you from on high.  As you got older, the abuse dished out by these upper-class snobs would sometimes be more than your lower-caste mates could stand and more than one punch or rock would be hurled in their general direction – only to have the unlucky fist-thrower swiftly scooped up by the town guard and thrown in jail until their parents could come to the city magistrate and bail their poor child out.

Now, here they sit, and in the front-row no less!  While the four of you lay quietly in the dirt trying desperately not to be seen.  Zachary Aslaxin Jr., son of Lady Charisma Aslaxin and Lord Zachary Aslaxin I of House Aslaxin and holder of a seat on the Cauldron High Council sat on the far right. Zachary’s parents continue adding to the family fortune by making obscene amounts of gold off of their furniture and arts trade with the Empire.  They also own the Coy Nixie where Charisma acts as proprietor and hostess.  Zachary was always handsome as a young boy, and he smiled and laughed heartily when adults or people of power were around.   Meet him alone or with his rich friends and he turned into a cold and heartless beast who loved to kick and throw dirt.  Now he sits in the front row and smiles and laughs at every word that CC utters.  You notice he has been trying to catch the eye of Tender, near the edge of the stage.  Whenever she looks his direction, Zachary smiles even wider and once or twice you spotted him even wink at her!  All the while holding hands and sitting snuggly next to the blonde at his side – Cora Lathenmire!

Zachary Aslaxin Jr.

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