Lord Bellterton Hamstock


Hamstock is a jovial, but businesslike, gnome from Sasserine who has appeared in Cauldron at the behest of the Dawn Council. He represents the Jzadirune Reclamation Society, a group dedicated to reclaiming the lost city of Jzadirune in the name of gnomekind.

The Moonhowlers first learn of Hamstock through warnings from Teersen Skellerang. Apparently, the Lord Mayor Severant had been trying to avoid meeting the diminutive ambassador but it was only a matter of time before he would have to deal with the gnome, and when he finally did Teersen predicted a sour mood would be upon the Mayor. He advised the Moonhowlers to vacate Ghelve’s Locks as soon as possible.

Bellteron caught up with Gerran a few days later, insisting on a tour of Jzadirune, which Gerran gladly did. The little gnome was brought to tears during the last part of the tour when he witnessed the still-functional play at the Jzadirun Theater.

Bellterton was also one of the guests at Braeden’s rather successfull “Meet the Moonhowler’s” party at the Shrine of Pelor.


Lord Bellterton Hamstock

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