Lord Premiach Vanderboren


Lord Premiach Vanderboren and his wife, Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren, are relatives of the powerful Vanderboren family in the city of Sasserine. The Vanderboren family is as notorious for its wanderlust as it is for its wealth and power, but at a young age Premaich and his wife rejected all of that, leaving their titles and positions behind in search of a simple life. Their travels brought them to Cauldron, where they took a position as a chef and a waitress at a popular tavern. So impressive was their business acumen, however, that when the owner of the establishment found himself deep in debt, the Vanderborens were able to pool their savings to save the tavern in exchange for 50% ownership.

Things snowballed from there, and after several real estate deals they found themselves rapidly rising back towards the upper class that they had worked so hard to leave behind in search of an honest living. They tried to counter this by donating heavily to charity (among other things, financing the Lantern Street Orphanage), but their generosity as well as their heritage quickly turned heads, and before they knew it, they were granted nobility in Cauldron. Much to their embarassment, they have found themselves in much the same position as they originally fled back in Sasserine. Because of their age, and because of their son, they have decided to remain in Cauldron. Because of their strange attitude toward the nobility, and because they are new money, many of the noble houses in Cauldron look down upon the Vanderborens.

The Vanderborens are unable to have children of their own, so they adopted a son from the Lantern Street Orphanage shortly after its founding: Todd Vanderboren.

Lord Premiach Vanderboren

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