Ike Iverson


The Moonhowlers have encountered Ike Iverson twice in recent months. Ike, serving as Embril Alloustinai’s mouthpiece for the Church of Wee Jas, was present at a clerical meeting held at the Coy Nixie. Both Braeden and Braenna were present at this meeting where they learned of a steep new tax the Cauldron Council was imposing on the four churches of Cauldron.

Next, the Moonhowlers saw Ike when Embril, in a rare public display, descended from the Tower of Wee Jas in order to scoop up the body of Drakthar the Bloodmonger. Later that evening, it was reported that Embril and Ike performed a proper “sending” on Drakthar in front of the Wee Jasian congregation.


Ike Iverson

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