Thrice The Brinded Cat

Yet Another Day

Earthday Reapingday 9, CY 593  

Kenric finished memorizing his spell. He found the Academy was abuzz because the new jobs had been posted. The jobs board was stuffed. The jobs were mostly the usual, mundane jobs. Kenric sorted them by value and looked for ones that would pay.

Looking at the postings Kenric determined this is stuff for the Flood Festival. The Academy was hiring wizards to try and help with the Great Morkoth hunt. There was a big listing for House Aslaxin.

Listens to Wind took time to go and get stuff made. He began working on his wand.

That morning I began to move the group’s stuff out of Kegan’s. I began to move the supplies using a cart to the Church of Pelor. I planned to put the magic and armor stuff into the spare apartment at the church. I put the Mimic into the apartment in the window of the balcony.

Gerran did stealthy stuff.

Braedon told Kristof about his dream. He told Kristof that HE needed to go and meditate, too.

Braedon then helped me move things into the Church of Pelor.

Kenric showed up at the Coy Niixie to take the Aslaxian job. The butler informed him that the help applied in the backyard. In the back yard of the Coy Nixey it was in absolute chaos. A number of supervisors started barking orders; one found out which spells Kenric was willing to cast. He asked him to cast Flare on a piece of canvas. Kenric cast other spells throughout the day. He determined he was helping to work on the setting up the Demonskar Ball. Only Cauldron elite can attend this event.



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