Thrice The Brinded Cat

Where There Is Smoke

Starday, Ariday 18, CY 593

We were bored. So, we decided to go to the performance at the Lakeside Pavilion.  Unfortunately we were low on funds, which wasn’t unusual these days, and so we had to peek under the tent to see the performance.  Tonight the performance was a telling of adventures by Tenacious Tendencies. We noticed that our rivals had upfront and center seats to the performances.  Our rivals were made up of the sons and daughters of the Nobility . Zachary Aslaxin Jr., Annah Taskerhill, Todd Vanderboren, and  Cora Lathenmire were listening intently to the stories and reveling in the non-stop chattering of the duo. We were listening to the somewhat exaggerated stories until we were discovered under the tent by Sergeant Justin Maltemps of the City Guard and her patrol.  After giving us a lecture about the night curfew we were ordered to return home.

Taking the scenic way home we noticed something darting in front of us, the creature was soon followed by a cat.  The creature ran up a tree and was trapped on a high branch by the growling and hissing cat below.  After scaring the cat away we noticed a black capuchin monkey up in the tree.  We realized that this was the monkey named Smoke which was wanted by the authorities for allegedly stealing.  After seeing the way clear Smoke then made his way down the tree and tried to get Kenric to follow him.  As we followed the monkey Braeden noticed a figure standing on a roof a few blocks ahead. Kenric and Gerran decided to continue to follow Smoke and made their way to a burned out house.  Crawling under the floor Kenric and Gerran were lead by Smoke to a chest in the middle of the burned out building. In the chest was the spine of a burned spell book with only the word “Max” still visible. Kenric recognized the binding as one belonging to the books used at The Bluecrater Acadamy . Kenric also found a bone that appeared to have a spell written on it in the chest as well.

In the meantime, Braenna and Braedon moved down the street to see what the figure on the rooftop was doing. As they approached, they heard noises in the alley ahead. Not ones to back away from danger, they made their way to the alley.Upon entering the alley they discovered a group of three men attacking a priest. Sensing this was not a fair fight they challenged the group to stop their attack.  With the help of Kenric and Gerran, who had heard the commotion, the three men were subdued. The figure on the roof top briefly appeared and then disappeared into the night. Upon interrogation we discovered that the men were a group of City Guard – one of which knew Braenna.  Soon Sergeant Justin Maltemps and her patrol showed up and after some discussion it was discovered the men were hired by an unknown person to beat up the priest – most likely the figure we saw on the roof.  The black and white facepaint worn by the thugs was similar to that used by a gang known as The Last Laugh.  This group was a rival gang to The Alleybashers. The three men were arrested and we were asked to escort the priest back home to the Church of St Cuthbert.  We then learned the priest’s name was Ruphus Laro.

Before parting ways with Sergeant Justin Maltemps, We noticed some fresh Graffiti on a nearby wall. Sergeant Justin Maltemps told us that it was another recent problem that the city was having – someone was defacing property. After some review, Kenric recognized the markings as Goblin writing. In this case the writing stated “Death Near.”

We then escorted Rufuss to the Church of St Cuthbert. When we got there, Rufuss introduced us to Jenya Urikas. Jenya had been left in charge of the church while the head priests were out of town. After learning of the kidnappings of orphans from The Lantern Street Orphanage, Jenya had made a public vow to find the missing kids. Because of this public vow she hired us for 2500g to find the missing orphans. This was the first we had heard of people going missing in town but since we all needed money we agreed to help.

Jenya then told us that she used her temple’s holy relic, the Star of Justice, to try and find the kids but only received the following message “The locks are key to finding them. Look beyond the curtain, below the cauldron. Beware the doors with teeth.  Descend into the malachite’ hold, where precious life is bought with gold. Half a dwarf binds them, but not for long.”

After saying goodbye to the priests we went off to our separate homes as a storm began to rage.

Gerran returned home to find a note from his mom asking him to get some lamp oil.  When Gerran got home, his mother was already asleep but she had left a note asking him to pick up an order of special papaya oil from Oils Well and bring it to her work at Fine Leathers in the morning.

Braeden returned to the Church of Pelor to find his leader, Kristof Jurgensen drunk and talking to golden heads.  Braeden learned that the city had raised the taxes on the churches and the Church of Pelor did not have the money.  Braeden decided he must now earn enough money to pay off the Church’s taxes.

Kenric was determined to learn more about the spell book and the bone he discovered with Smoke.  He also wished to continue his wizard education at The Bluecrater Acadamy but to attend he would have to come up with the high tuition fee.

Braenna returned back to Phalian Gurnezarn’s smithy to learn that a visitor had stopped by to inquire about her progress on her masterwork piece and to look into being her patron.
  Knowing that the other smithies were owned by the Lathenmire family she suspected that they were the ones making the inquiry.



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