Thrice The Brinded Cat

Tour De Gnome

Sunday Reapingday 12, CY 593  

The next morning a hawk landed and had a message for Listens to Wind. He read the message, which was a formal invitation asking him to attend the Demonskar Ball. As the current Elparg Champion, he was to be a guest of honor. LTW quickly scrawled a message, “Me will be there.” and stamped the broken wax seal with the hilt of his sword. He gave the message back to the hawk and sent it away.

Gerran went to see Orak. As he was walking up to the town hall a little man ran up to him. “Sir Gerran. It is I, Hamstock,” Hamstock said.

Hamstock then walked with Gerran on the way to see Orak. He told Gerran he was interested in Jzadirune and he wished to speak with Gerran and the Moonhowlers.

The pair continued to walk to the cells where the prisoners were being held. Gerran noticed that floor one of the jail was full. Geran found Orak and offered to help him by keeping the bathhouse open while Orak was still in jail. Gerran then indicated he would keep part of the profits. Orak thanked him and asked him to find his employees. They hadn’t visited him and he was worried. The two agreed to the partnership and Orak gave Gerran the command words for the decanter.

That morning Braedon gave the money to Kristof to go and get the vials of holy water. Kristof indicated he didn’t have time. Braedon then planned to spend the next 4 days making holy water and getting the bilge pumps from down on the docks which Kristoff planned to use in his play as a way to sprinkle the crowd. While he was doing these chores he noticed people were greeting him in the streets. He then noticed something odd. There was a hawk flying level with his head. It had red and blue streamers tied to it. Braedon stopped. It hovered. Braedon stuck his arm out and the hawk landed. He then noticed a tiny bit of parchment on the hawk’s leg. He took it out and read it.

After the visit with Orak, Gerran led the gnome on a tour of Jzadirune. I decided to join them, in part to see who these people were and to assess if they would make it difficult for me and others to reach the Hold. Braedon, Kenric and Listens to Wind also went along. Before we headed down, Gerran handed all of us new cloaks he had made with our group’s symbol on them.

On the way, LTW and Braedon compared the messages they had received today. It was discovered they had been invited to the The Demonskar Ball. The Ball is the most prestigious event of the Flood Festival. Only elites can attend. It is held during the last day of the Flood Festival and is sponsored by House Aslaxin. People who are invited are expected to rent or purchase a costume. On the invitation the person is told if they should dress as a Cauldron Founder or a Demon Invader. Braedon was supposed to go as the Demon Invader – Nabthatoron. Because he is playing Nabthatoron Braedon is required to have two costumes.

Listens to Wind was invited because he is the current Elparg wrestling champion. He was not required to wear a costume but he was required to bring his Champion’s belt.

The other part of the Ball is that attendees are required perfect etiquette and perfect dance moves. Guests often arrive in a coach while onlookers watch. Presentation is everything. The Ball features an elaborate five course banquet. There will be musical renditions and complicated dances. As invitations are sent out there is often a scramble for coaches, costumes as well as taking dancing and etiquette classes.

Two most sought after instructors are in the Blue Crater Academy. Madame Pomprus – etiquette teacher and Professor Pompendor – dance teacher.

As we made our way through Jzadirune the gnome was very excited about the tour. During the tour we pointed out the rooms, showed him the keys, as well as mentioned the curse of the Vanishing. Along the way we pointed out the various traps. When we reach the cathedral of Garl Glittergold we show him The Cog. As he moved forward the cog began to move. He was speechless.



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