Thrice The Brinded Cat

Too Long Away Flood Away

Flood begins

Godsday, Rainyday 7, CY 593

There are two events today. The Great Monster Hunt and the Drinking Contest Part 2. It’s the Second Day of the Flood Festival . . .

Gerran does some searching for Annah and Todd. Through his street contacts he finds out that Annah is practicing for the Street Performances which will be held on Waterday and that she is somewhere in her parent’s mansion. Todd has been grounded and it is not clear why, but we shared a little giggle over the news.

Early in the morning a crowd gathers at the Cusp of Sunrise for the drinking contest. It’s raining like crazy! I survive the drinking game and move on to the next round.

LTW plans to participate in the Monster Hunt. When we get to Bluecrater Lake in the center of town, we see millions of tiny little boats with white sails floating in the water. In the lake there are little wooden circles, or chits, floating on the surface, as well. There are also full-sized row boats in the water with wizards in them. We see wizards in funny black and white striped swimming clothes and one wizard with a pole is in each boat. These are the wizard lifeguards! When the signal is given, everyone is to jump into the water and grab a floating chit and a boat. They then will put the chit into a slot in the back of the boat. If it is not the right one, the boat and chit will disappear. But if it is the right chit – the winner of the Monster Hunt will be revealed. Every year the Hunter is revealed in a different manner. I wonder what will happen this year!

Kenric and Sasha have been trying to learn more about “wild magic” and they remembered that Maximillian Weir’s room at the Academy had been boarded up due to “Wild Magic.” They decide to go and investigate further since all of the wizards are at the Great Monster Hunt and not in the Academy. When they get to Weir’s boarded up apartment in one of the Academy towers, they begin poking around and then they head down into the burned out wizard room below Weir’s. They study the pitted, stone archway and investigate the runes carved into it. Kenric tries to decipher the language using a spell and the archway shimmers, revealing a strange landscape beyond.

Suddenly, tons of junk begins to pour into the room from the strange land beyond the archway. There is a loud banging on the door from the hallway outside and Sasha immediately goes invisible and the archway returns to normal. The wizards from the Monster Hunt had somehow been alerted to the intrusion in the room and had teleported over to investigate. They burst into the room, finding Kenric standing there alone with all of the junk. In the chaos he finds a naked teifling in a large birdcage. Arch-Chancellor Geoffory Windgate and Bursar Magrie Valentor are just two of the many angry wizards in the hallway demanding to know what Kenric is doing in the off-limits apartment. Kenric is clearly in trouble but one of the Cannons, Canon Althalos Runedald of the School of Conjuration, comes to his rescue and takes responsibility. This is the second time Kenric has been rescued by Cannon Runedald. I wonder what his game is?

That evening LTW and I take Ixi out for a walk and we feed him some treats. He seems to be enjoying himself and the Festival.

Waterday, Rainyday 8, CY 593

On the third Day of the Flood Festival, Kenric stays with the teifling. He gets her cleaned up and gets her to eat something. She finally says a word, “wizards.” He shows her a magic spell, but she doesn’t react.

I go to the drinking contest at the Coy Nixie. The halfling I am facing throws up on the first cup so I win this round and I get to move on to the next day!

Right after the drinking contest we come across the street performances. The first performance competition of the morning is miming. Bards from all over the globe are in attendance. Later, the singing competition heats up and Gerran observes Anna performing. Much to his chagrin, he has to admit that she is pretty good. She is not playing her lute, rather, she is being supported by other musicians. I guess she learned her lesson from the last time!

LTW enters the acrobatics competition. Unfortunately he doesn’t do so well and doesn’t move on to the next round. After the drinking contest LTW and I get Ixi so he gets to eat and see the festival. He really enjoyed the poetry performances!

Gerran joined the debate contest in the late afternoon. He wins so he moves on to the next round at the Pavilion. The contest is six rounds with a single elimination. He makes it up to the final round but loses in the end. The illusion competition later that night turns out to be dominated by the Gnomes, of course.

Earthday, Rainyday 9, CY 593

On the Fourth Day of the Flood Festival, I go to the drinking contest at the Tipped Tankard. The half-orc I am facing drops out after one drink! I move on to the next round! It is down to the final four.

We then go to the plays. I take Ixi so he can see the performances. I did not like the first play but Ixi did. The St Cuthbert play is the second play of the day. I thought it was ok, and so did Ixi. Braedon and LTW liked the play better than we did. We go to the next play. It was bad.

After lunch is the play by the Crier’s Guild and it is Adults-Only. It is a racy play. Opinions vary. The next play is by the Minstrel’s Guild. We all enjoyed the play. Now it is Pelor’s turn. The Stormblades are nowhere to be seen.

The stage is dark and Kristoph comes on stage. It is a mythology play. Ixi liked it. The rest of us didn’t really care much for it. It is midnight when the judges announced the winner. We are thrilled to learn that Pelor came in second place.

Freeday, Rainyday 10, CY 593

Its the fifth day of Flood Festival.

I go to the Drunken Morkoth for the next round of the contest. There are four people left. I face Tucklin. The two nobles, Tucklin and Lord Vhalantru are acting up. On the second drink I pass out and the world ends for me. Vhalantru and Tucklin move on the next round.

I’m out cold so Hoppy is watching over me. LTW went to fight in the tournament. Bradeengoes to show his support. At the Temple of Lordly Might Braedon sees Zachary fighting in the tournament. He points him out to Kenric and the tiefling. The first competition that Listens gets to enter is a mass-combat fought upon a zigguarat whose floors and walls kept collapsing. LTW is doing well. At the end of the mass combat, The Adder tells LTW to put on a show. They battle all over the ziggurat, but the Adder is clearly the better fighter. Finally the Adder wins and then faces Zachary. Zachary wins. It is all fake so we have to wonder why Zachary got to be the one to win.

That night we go to Pelor and hang out. Kristoph breaks out the wine. Around one in the morning there is a knock at the door. Cannon Runedald shows up with Sasha in his arms. She is covered in ick and is unconscious. Sasha doesn’t remember anything that happened to her since the previous morning. She was inside the portal. Cannon Runedald is angry about what happened. Kenric and Runedald discuss the odd stone archway in the burned out wizard apartment and they decide its a portal to another world. They also come to realize that it was the word, “Spellweaver” that, when uttered, triggers the archway to open.

Starday, Rainyday 11, CY 593

The sixth day of the Flood Festival is here!

It is the last day of the drinking festival. Tucklin and the Vhalantru drink. It’s a long competition, but eventually the younger Vhalantru wins and takes the cup!

Gerran takes Braedon aside. Gerran gives Braedon a “tie”, which is actually the hat of disguise, as a backup in case something happens to the costume he is to use at the ball. If he uses the hat, the costume will have gold tips on the horns which will tip the rest of us off that something bad has happened to his elaborate demon costume. Kenric puts a marking spell on Braedon and both costumes. To make sure we have back up, I agree to act as Braeden’s retainer. Gerran is going as retainer for Kristoff.

That afternoon, Kenric goes to work at the Ball . Security is tight. The guards on duty are mercenaries, hired hands. LTW gets cleaned up and shines up his Elparg Champion belt and his weapons.

Kenric sees that all the nobles and their retainers are there except Splintershield. The retainers are kept in a separate room away from the ball.

Braedon, LTW and Justin, who is there as LTW’s date, are in the ruby carriage. I am on the outside of the carriage with the footman. There are decorations en-route to the ball. It is obvious this is an event for the elite. Everybody who is anybody in the area will be there. The procession of carriages slows down. Justin is dressed as a founder and she is gorgeous.

They feel like they nailed it. The pace of their entry up the carpeted steps to the Coy Nixie was perfect, no trips, and they bowed perfectly to all the nobility along the way. When at the top of the steps, I take all the stuff with me. The trunk I am carrying is Ixi…shhh….don’t tell anyone! I’m carrying a loaded mimic and I’m not afraid to use it.

We separate here and the three others are ushered into the ball and taken up the set of stairs into the Coy Nixie. Inside, they see there is a main dining room and it is half packed with nobles. There are two musicians playing soft music in the center of the hall. Half the nobles are dressed as Cauldron founders, while the other half are dressed as demons. At the end of the main hall are several small sets of tables. LTW, Braeden and Justin move to take a seat, but discover the table they were aiming for is actually occupied. They are surprised to see it is Celeste and she is cuddling up with Lord Vhalantru! They remember we are not supposed to know who Celeste is so they make sure to act like she is a stranger. V is dressed as a founder while Celeste is dressed as a noble lady from Sasserine. V invites the three Moonhowlers to sit with them and he “introduces” them to Celeste, who also acts as if she doesn’t know them.

Small talk begins between the Moonhowlers and the couple and all five of them scan the crowd. V makes comments about those that are present – none of the comments are very flattering. He points out Cora Lathenmire, who stands with her parents and some nobles that we do not recognize – perhaps they are from Sasserine. Cora is a bit uncomfortable in her antique gown.

Eventually we see that all of the Stormblades are there. We take comfort in the fact that all of the Moonhowlers are here, too – something the Stormblades are probably not expecting.

Ophelia is there by herself. She is beautiful. Todd stands by his parents looking bored. His parents show no interest in their son. He has painted his hands and face to look like a skeleton. He dressed as a dead founder. It apparent he is the only one who thinks its funny. He catches sight of the trio of Moonhowlers and hurriedly walks across the room to Anna. Anna is surrounded by a large group and they are all laughing and talking in fake tones. Anna is dressed to look like an angel. Todd points out the Moonhowlers to Anna and she whispers something to Todd with an evil grin on her face. Todd then moves on to Cora and whispers to her. Cora looks at the trio and scowls even more.

V asks what LTW is drinking. LTW says he doesn’t drink (anymore – heheheh) and tells him its just water, so V throws LTW drink away and pours him some red/purple liquid from a flask. LTW tilts it back and tries to pretend that he drank it.

V starts to rant about the state of the city. He tells them that Skellerang wants to hire more guards rather than spending money to fix up the city. Braedon agrees with V. Braeden is now V’s pal and give him some of the purple liquid.

More guests are ushered into a room off to the side of the main hall. Servers are handing out cards to everyone. Braedon excuses himself and goes over to chat with Lady Ophilia, who is standing by herself. She apologizes and tells him she doesn’t want to sit at their table but she does tell Braedon to avoid the bubbling cauldron – a drink of some sort.

Servants make their way around and eventually gets to the Moonhowler’s table. They ask them to write their names and title on the card. Justin gets mad when LTW fails to write her name on his card. V punches Justin and says, “Aw, give him a break. He is from the jungle, afterall.”

The doors open and a man steps out. Everyone gets quiet. V says, “Ah, it is the Demonscar Herald.” The strange man wears a robe that is half red and half white. He wears an odd mask which is half demon half and half blond haired man.

“Blah, Blah, Blah,,,, heaven and hell,” say’s the Herald. The doors open and the ball begins.

As the trio makes their way down the stairs and into the ballroom, they discover that Zachary is now a member of the Church of Kord.



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