Thrice The Brinded Cat

To Have a Hold

Godsday Reapingday 7, CY 593  

The next morning Gerran and I went to the barracks to turn in the goblin ears to Captain Skellerang. On the way we ran into Edith who told us the court date for our two latest prisoners is at ten bells. We nodded and then made our way into the barracks. We handed the bag of ears over to the Captain. He checked them again and then handed them back. He pulled out an ink quill and scribbled out a note. He handed the parchment to Gerran and indicated we needed to take it to Edith.

Gerran broke the silence by asking about Wee Jas. Apparently Embril Aloustinai and Ike Iverson held a large ceremony the previous evening with Drakthar where the High Priestess turned him into dust and provided proper passage to his soul – wherever that might be. Gerran and I decided we should take the dead goblins to the Church of Wee Jas, since they are so big on corpses. The Captain then told us a reporter from The Cauldron Herald had stopped by and the Captain had given him a full report, giving credit to the Moonhowlers for capturing the vampire, not Wee Jas.

We then told the Captain about the tunnel and finding the Shrine of Moradin. The Captain suggested we tell Splintershield about the Shrine. The Captain then asked if we were still living in the lockshop. We indicated we were. He informed us things had changed and that we should leave the lockshop immediately. Apparently a gnomish lord was in town who belonged to a group called the JRS; Jzadirune Reclamation Society. The group was trying to claim ownership of the area we had discovered.

The question now is who legally has possession of Jzadirune. We told the Captain we will want to attend any meetings or trials in regards to ownership as we are claiming salvage rights.

The Captain then mentioned that Edith has indicated we were interested in a house in the city limits. He indicated he probably shouldn’t tell us but he knew of a property that had gone into fault. The house was a wreck, and was located across from the bathhouse. The city would repair the outside but had no funds to pay for any internal repairs. If we were interested in such properties we could be put on the list of people who could pay the back taxes which were due and take possession of the property.

It was still early in the day so Gerran and I went to City Hall and turned in the note addressed to Edith. She in turn wrote us a note for 400 gold; we then took it to the Cauldren Exchange to receive the money. We asked about the Jzadirune issue and she told us that the Gnomes will claim lineage and will get a deed as long as they can pay any dues that are owed. The same would happen with the Hold.

She then told us about some giant snakes at a village, expressing that the ancient legend of the Yuan-ti might be true. Whatever.

We then asked about the list of investors that is kept by the city. She indicated it was a long list made up primarily of merchants and a few others; such as guilds looking for property. She then told us there was a property that was available. A two story building found to be in default of taxes. The location was across from the bathhouse, and the property was valued at 113,000 gold pieces and the back taxes that were due were valued at 1,200 gold pieces. Edith agreed to put us at the top of the list and Gerran agreed to pay the 1,200 gold pieces due. The deed is given to him.

We then went to sell our items we collected to various vendors. We then went to Splintershield’s so that I could inform him in person of the finding of the Malachite Hold. I also informed him we found the shrine and the damage which had been done to it. He agreed to sign over the Hold to me and gave me 750 gold pieces to hire common laborers and a master stonecrafter to help move the Shrine back to the Hold.

It was almost 10 so Gerran and I rushed over to the court to meet up with the rest of the crew. Gerran was charming, as usual, and the two prisoners (Kallev and Chorlyndyr) were found guilty and sent to prison.

After court Kenric tried to get Orak released but the Judge denied his request. Orak appreciated Kenric’s efforts so he wrote a note to the Exchange. The note instructed the bankers to give Kenric a bag which contained four hunks of jade.

After the trial I went and met with Edith. I submitted the papers to claim ownership of the hold. As I do so Edith told me taxes were due at the end of the Days of Night. And that I would have about half a year to obtain the funds to pay the taxes. I also inquired about claiming right away through Jzadirune. I learned from Edith the JRS had not yet managed to meet with the Lord Mayor so they have not made a claim. Thus my filing was ahead of any claim to Jzadirune. So when Edith processed my claim it appeared it would be mine. I then headed out to schedule a meeting with Splintershield.

On the way to Splintershield’s, Fellian approached me and indicated his patron would like to speak with me and the rest of the Moonhowlers. Since I was in a hurry to meet Splintershield we decided to meet at the Drunken Morkoth that evening. I went and met with Splintershield. I approached him with the idea of acting as his steward but he dismissed the idea. We then discussed the Hold. During our discussion Splintershield mentioned a dispute among the dwarfs. Apparently, long ago, the clergy and clan masters had disagreed on who controlled the Hold. In the end the Hold was sundered in two.

I then asked if there were any stonemasons in town. Splintershield indicated there was one by the name of Argos Best, he is unfortunately human. Splintershiled indicated I could find this man at the docks tomorrow.

in the meantime, Braedon decided to have a party at the Church of Pelor. He told Kristof about his plans. Kristof was preparing a play for the Flood Festival. Kristof had all 30 church goers participating in the play. In addition he needed about 2 gallons (60 viles) of holy water. Braedon told Kristof about the party and indicated it would be held the coming Freeday. Braedon suggested strongly that Kristof needed to be sober. Braedon then inquired about how much holy water Kristof currently had and how much more he needed. Kristof indicated this was Braedon’s concern and that his hands were full with preparing for the play.

Braedon was frustrated and decided to seek guidance. So he swore off all drinking and women for a week. He also planned to climb to the top of the church spire. There he will planned to strip naked and mediate under the crystal and the sun to pray to his god, Pelor.

During this time, Listens to Wind headed back out to the jungle to track the dwarf guy, Xoden Nightshielf. He was proceeding along but soon lost the trail. He was frustrated, and about to give up. However he noticed Hoppy jumping up and down. He went to Hoppy and noticed he had found the trail. Listens to Wind began to track the trail again. The trail was moving north, about half way down the mountainside. LTW realized he was in his rival Suel tribe territory, the Metechlan tribe. The trail led to a small tunnel in the side of Mt. Cauldron. LTW snuck up and tried to peek in. Hoppy’s tail began to wave as if he saw something. It was a low tunnel with fresh wood beams set up inside. He marked it on his map to went to get the rest of the group. LTW headed back to the original trail and followed the tracks of the three guys we thought were probably hired mercenaries. The trail headed south. The trail then led down a road. Late that afternoon LTW realized he was on the road to Sasserine. Realizing it was getting late, LTW turned and headed back to the Cauldron.

That same time Gerran returned to his new house to begin working on it. He learned that one of the nobles, Lord Vhalantru, had a city renovation project which got the city to match his personal funds to help with the exterior of the houses in the city. The city would then take care of the outside and Gerran just has to fix the inside. The foreman, Mosema Akemo, would be out with the Lord Vhalantru on the outside. Gerran went to talk to his mom about helping with the project.

Meanwhile Kenric went to the academy to scribe a spell.

That evening Listens to Wind and I went to the Drunken Morkoth and found Braedon there telling people about the “Meet the Moonhowlers” event at the Church of Pelor. As we looked around we soon recognized the two elves, Fario Ellegoth and Fellian Shard. They were sitting with a dwarf. The owner told LTW that Hoppy couldn’t come inside, so LTW left him outside. As he returned he listens to see what Hoppy was doing and soon saw Hoppy running off.

We then proceeded to meet the three in the corner booth. LTW ordered food and a drink for himself. He then checked out the art work in the Inn. As we approached, Farrio and Fellian stood and smiled. The dwarf stayed seated. They start out by apologizing for leaving so soon after we last met. They had other business to attend to. Fellian then introduced us to their patron. Turns out the dwarf is Tyro Amderhelm, a very successful businessman from Sasserine. He sells steel, a new material being used by dwarfs.

We chatted about recent events and Braedon mentioned the meet and greet at the Church. Tyro was impressed and handed a money bag to Braedon. It contains 800 gold. He also mentioned there was a master stone cutter in Sasserine, his name is Akman Snaegnup.

We then began to inquire why they were back in Cauldron and why they were interested in the orphans. Tyro simply attributed it to a concern for the children. Tyro indicated he was here on business but would not indicate who he was selling to.



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