Thrice The Brinded Cat

The Night of the Ball

Starday, Rainyday 11, CY 593

Kenric is tending bar. Braenna and Gerran are in the retainer’s room. Braedon , Listens to Wind and Justin are in the ball room.

There are 6 male retainers; one dwarf, a half orc and the rest human. There is 1 female human and 1 Elven female.

Listens to Wind, Braedon and Justin take their seats. Sitting at the table next to them are the Storm blades. And the others are people we have seen. Clearly they are sitting with their friends.

The people on the top balcony are all demons. They are performers that were hired to fill in the crowd.

On the stage is a large fancy table. At it sits the Aslaxins, the Mayor, Embril Aloustinai, Askfelker, Sir Alec Tersavel, Ophelia, Kristoph. Jenya (Cuthburt) was snubbed and was not invited to the ball.

Now is the angel contest. Anna stands up to defend her title as the angel of the ball. Two people stand up to participate in the contest. Tonight’s judge of The Song of Heaven is Professor Pompedor. The ball participants are dressed as founders or demons. The demons are on the left of the stage. Braedon is dressed as a demon. The founders are on the right of the stage; Listens to Wind and Justin are on the founder side.

Dance of Komzigon’s Folly is next.

Meanwhile two liveries come into retainer room. One is instructed to give a container to Todd. Gerran moves and picks the container and removes it. Todd later comes to get the container and the servant does not have it. Todd begins to shout at the livery man. “I paid good money. You’re fired.”

While bar tending Kenric sees Cora sitting alone so he sends over a drink to her. She realizes where it came from and scowls at Kenric.

Anna and Zack are on the dance floor and appear to be trying to get to Listens to Wind and Justin to force them out of the dance. Justin and Listens to Wind eventually go down but Braedon and Cecilia make it to the middle. So do Anna and Zachary. It is a dance off. Braedon and Cecilla win! They are declared the Mayors of the Haunted Village.

Todd returns, Cora yells at him about missing the dance. Two drinks arrive and Cora points to Kenric. Anna glares and Zachary dumps the drinks out.

Listens to Wind , Justin and Braedon return to their seats. Servants come out of the kitchen with drinks. It is the bubbling cauldron. The drinks are poured, bubbling red with smoke.
Zachary senior then goes into cheering for the Stormblades. Then calls for a toast with the drink. Braedon casts to see if the drink is poisoned. Braedon fakes like he is drinking; Listens to Wind does not drink at all. Justin took a small sip.

Waiters bring around appetizers. Conversations occur around the table. Soon the next course which is soup is served. Soon another contest occurred. The contest is for someone to answer a riddle. Gerran messages the answer to Braedon. Who shouts “It’s a bow” which turned out was the correct answer. A certification of membership is given to him to become a member of blue crater academy.

Justin accidentally spills her soups so Braedon takes her to the kitchen to get her cleaned up.
Kenric is watching the Stormblades and notices they are drinking but doesn’t know where the drinks are coming from. No one has served them.

The kitchen doors open. The main table stands. Six servants enter with swords. On the massive platter is a massive boar with potatoes, apples and other veggies.

Kenric tells Tuckland, V and Celeste that the Stormblades are not drinking. They head to their tables and Kenric sends over some drinking.

The boar is being taken to the main table. Suddenly one servant falls to the ground. And the platter tips dangerously towards the Aslaxins. Just as the pig slides. Alex jumps up and grabs the platter from the Center. Lifts it over his head. What a buff dude. The entire crowd is amazed. He lowers the tray. “My Lord Aslaxin I will slice the boar.” Draws his own sword and begins to slice the boar.

The poison in the drinks begins to take effect. The half orc begins to try and start a fight with Listens to Wind. Boller heads out but Listens to Wind doesn’t follow. But the orc won’t stop. So Listens to Wind follows. They have a test of strength with a cart and garbage. Listens to Wind wins and then dumps the cart on the orc knocking him out. Justin and Listens to Wind move him out of the alley. They return to dinner.

Anna and Todd leave for the restroom together.

Listens to Winds and Braedon see Anna come out of the wash room. She is smiling broadly. Sense motive. Braedon knows she is up to no good. Todd is nowhere to be seen.

Servants come out with very colorful desserts. Pies with sweet fruits.

Cora, Zachary and Anna approach the table with Listens to Wind, Braedon and Justin. “Here to tell you that you will be exposed for the losers you are.” Anna then says “Just you wait you will get what comes to you.”

Anna turns in frustration, Cora is just red. Zachary smiles and leaves.

Someone approaches but is invisible. Braedon hears them so he reaches out and stops whoever it is. The person leaves. Gwendeli apologizes for her husband and nephew.

Braedon and Listens to Wind eat the pie. Turns out it was poisoned. Listens to Wind is affected, Braedon is not.

The final course is presented. It is a cake baked by Lady Aslaxin . Margerat Aslaxin comes over to the table. Braedon complemented her on the cake. She then tells Braedon to meet her at the door. She heads to the door with Zachary Jr.

The music begins. The entire audience is tipsy and excited. Anna stands next to Listens to Wind. Listens to Wind faces Todd and Justin is set to face Cora. The dance is the two groups are walking to each other.

Listens to Wind attempts to trip Anna as the army clashes. Listens to Wind trips Anna but then Todd attempts to trip him. But Todd fails. Justin falls. Listen to Wind is still in but so are Todd and Cora. The lines move forward again. Listen to Wind asked for Skye’s help to trip Todd. Listens to Wind attempts to trip Todd but fails. Todd then tries to kick Listens to Wind.

Skye tried a move and messes the other dancer up and then tries to trip Todd. Cora dumps her partner. Listen to Wind trips and is out. Cora and Todd are still in the dance. Ten rounds go by. Cora and Todd make it through. It is clear the founders have won.

The demons split and there is the demon (aka Braedon). The Founder side splits and there is the founder guy (aka Zachary). The two now face off. Zachary attacks Braedon. Damages the costume so Gerran’s disguise takes effect. Zachary Sr rushes in to stop Zachary Jr. In doing so he reveals it is Zachary. Braedon stands with dignity. Braedon is revealed bleeding and damaged. Zachary is in trouble. Everyone settles down.

The main table now has a red table cloth. There are medals and trophies. Anna gets a medal of the “star of valor”. Mayors are next. They are awarded the “white shield”. The mayors also get a 20% discount from all merchants for the coming year. “Flaming crest” for best costume goes to Skye. “Alacast” trophy given to Zachary. Braedon to receive the “white shield of cauldron” It is a cloak. The Lord Mayor stands up and gives a speech. “Celebration of our city as well as our founders…. blah blah blah….city council declares a special award to Stormblades.” Given “special stars and shields”

Suddenly Ophialia is by our side. Jenya sent a message needed at Church of St. Cuthburt. We get Listens to WInd, Justin, then tell Kenric. Braedon excuses himself and excuses the group stating there is an emergency to attend to. Thanks the Aslazins for the ball and indicated everyone had a good time. Kenric, Listens to Wind, Justin go with Ophilia. Braedon, Breanna and Gerran head to the church of Pelor to armor up and then head out.

Kenric and Listens to Wind come across Ophilia. “I’ve never got a message from Jenya like this.” They go to the church, into the wide open front doors. The lights are dim and see a small group of people. See Jenya who is white as a ghost. Acolytes are all around her. Ophilia rushes forward. Jenya said “Sarsem sent a message. I tried to send him a message back.” Message talks of Lucky Monkey, day away road side tavern. Being attacked by bandits.

A patrol shows up at the church. Kenric heads to the academy. Listens to WInd heads to the Drunken Morkoth to find finger wiggler. Meet at the Church of Cuthbert, going to find quicker transportation. Justin’s house is on fire.

Mention the tieffling is still at Justin’s house. Justin heads to her home. Kenric changes his mind and goes with Justin. Gerran, Braenna and Braedon twins show up. The group is told what is going on. St Cuthbert has been bringing in the wands to lower the level of the lake.
Get supplies from Cuthbert; food and potions. 5 potions of cure moderate woods, week of rations for each of us.

The bathhouse is up and running. Doria is helping to manage the bathhouse.

Kenric and Justin go to the house that is on fire. People are trying to put the house out with lake water. Teffling is hiding in the bushes. She is terrified. She casts the dancing lights spell but a single light appears, shots off and scorches a nearby tree.

Kenric thinks it is Eldritche fire. Justin is angry. Kenric gives her some gold to get a room, food and some new cloths. Justin sends Kenric away, she is thinking the teffling is responsible and is not happy. Kenric summons a water elemental. Kenric has him attempt to put out the fire. While the creature is alien and resents Kenric but is forced to put the fire out. Begins to put the fire out, and gets the task done quickly. No one pays attention to Kenric. Justin cries “My things” Kenric thanks elemental and dismisses it. Kenric and the tiefling leave.

She calls herself “Karina”

Tyro and the elves checked out and won’t be back for a week. Listens to Wind goes to find Celeste. He enters through the kitchen and sends a servant to go find her. V and Celeste left. Listens to Wind runs back to St. Cuthbert. Stop at church of Pelor and picks up hoppy. Smoke jumps on and heads with them.

We are all at the Church waiting for Listens to WInd. Jenya hands a bag of gold to Rufus. Rufus takes us to the livery. Rents us horses (10 total). Cuthbert pays for it.

Pop a sun rod, Braenna and Braedon in the lead. Move at a trot. Take a lantern from the church. Kenric and Tiefling, then Listens to Wind and hoppy, then Gerran. We head out the west gate, six miles down the mountain. Road is muddy and dark. Ranging bands of orcs and hostile tribes infest the slopes. There are six tribes in the jungle. The 17 miles on the low lands.
Glump asks if we really want to go out there. Outriders are a mile out. The road becomes a muddy river. It is truly miserable. We are soaked but it is warm. We ride through the low lands. We see lights in the distances of the farms in the area. Two hours after we leave, we see through the rain we see a glow on the side of the road. We just keep riding. We see 8 wagons, lots of guards with two in the road. Their captain tries to mess with us but I intimidate them.

As we move forward Listens to Wind sees red eyes. Eyes like orcs. Listens to Wind hops off his horse to kill them. Gets back on and we head out again. We leave the eyes behind. We see more eyes. It is becoming light. It is a pack of baboons. Stare at us as we pass. Decide the previous group was baboons as well. As we continue to ride we see more baboons. Troops can get this big but they tend not to be this close to other troops or human.

Late in the morning a building comes into view. Building is old, partially covered by jungle.

A small building stable stands nearby. Find a spot and set the horses.

Kenric cast clairvoyance over the inn to see if there is movement. Center is a garden area, there is nothing moving. Building itself is strange. See numerous carved monkeys. Don’t see movement in the building but movement to the east. See a horrible site. A mound of bloody bodies. Two very large reptiles are picking the mound clean. See movement in a darken window in the second floor. Eastern wall about midway. A blond female is doing a guy. Think he is a bandit.

Realize there is a troop of baboons in the courtyard. They are not moving.

Listens to Wind moves silently . Gerran also approaches stealthily. They approach from different directions. The rain is deafening. The treeline is dense and thick. Look into the inn. They see figures walking around in the bar area. Recognize them as a Khuka tribesman. Also see non-tribesman in the room. Not usual for tribes to be with non-tribesman.

Move across the road and yard and hide next to the building. Stop to listen. Find a private dining room. There is a male tribes man and a female non-tribesman. They are using the table for a good time. Three or four empty bottles are nearby. At next window hear a woman singing. Hear men laughing out loud. See ruined tavern tables. General wreckage. See four tribes man (1 female, 3 male) and 2 non-tribesman in the bar area. Recognize the earrings belong to the Alleybashers. In another private dining room. The room is dark and empty.

Find a food prep area. Find kitchen, fire pit in the middle. 3 massive male baboons in the kitchen. See a severed head. There is a huge orc in the room. There are stairs going down.
The orc is chewing on a human tongue.



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