Thrice The Brinded Cat

The Harvest Festival

Starday Ariday 25, CY 593 

This morning the Crier’s Guild posted announcements of the Harvest Festival. Before heading to the festivities the group visited the The Tipped Tankard to get some breakfast. Listens to Wind paid with a gold piece so he could get more of the silver pieces which he thought was worth more. At the Tankard they saw the The Glump, Justinand Tarmy Twobuckle. Tarmy was in a better mood than the last time the group had seen him. Partly because there had been less Graffiti and he was finally able to get some rest, but also the fact he was being considered for a promotion as Sergeant of his own unit.

Listens to Wind was sizing up the Glump and was thinking he could take him. The Glump told him to go to the wrestling tournament at the
Lakeside Pavilion if he wanted to prove himself. Soon the Glump and Listens to Wind were discussing the wrestling tournament being held by the Temple of Lordly Might. Listens to Wind said he could beat the Glump but found out the Glump was banned from participating because he always won whenever he entered the competition, so the battle between the two would have to wait. The idea of a wrestling tournament intrigued Listens to Wind so he decided he wanted to participate. While the group was discussing wrestling, Justin took Gerran aside and told him he was old enough to bet on the matches.

At the pavilion they found people being let into the tent for free but the participants in the match had to register for the tournament and pay a fee of one gold. When registering, Listens to Wind was read the rules of the tournament.

  • No weapons
  • Have to wear cloths
  • No biting
  • Liable for harm done to opponent
  • To win you had to pin your opponent for two rounds
  • Winner gets half the pot, a great sword and a shiny belt
  • Second place gets thirty percent of the pot
  • And third place get twenty percent of the pot

Kenric, Listens to Wind and I all gave money to Gerran to bet for us. Although he is a bit of a rogue, the group and I felt we could trust their adventuring companion in placing their bets. At least with his connections and roguish ways they figured he would do well.

During the first round Listens to Wind was matched against the sailor, Ralph Morrow. Listens to Wind won easily.

During the next round Listens to Wind was matched against the Snake, an elven merchant from Sasserine. The fight was exciting because The Snake kept slipping out of Listen’s pins, but in the end Listens to Wind was victorious.

The next round found Listens up against a female opponent named Van Pliskin. The fight was tough and during the skirmish Listens discovered his opponent was cheating and was wearing brass knuckles. Listens was able to pin her down and won the match.

Next Listens faced the half-orc, Gordo. The fight went on for many rounds and people proclaimed this was the most exciting match of all time. Twenty rounds later Listens to Wind was declared the winner by knock out.

The final round found Listens to Wind facing the reigning Champion, a female dwarf named Delkin Rustknuckles. She had not been pinned in any of her matches. Delkin was short and stocky, almost brick-like. A great battle began, with each opponent pinning and escaping from pins. Finally Listens to Wind was able to pin Delkin for two rounds. The crowd exploded. After being declared the winner, Listens to Wind was raised up by the crowd and carried around town to each of the local taverns.

After the crowds had moved on, I decided to head back to my home at Gurnezarn’s smithy. Braeden decided to join her. When they got there her boss, Phalian Gurnezarn told her a special customer would be at the office at dark and he wanted me to take care of the order. The customer was a half-orc named Kirdruck Molster. Since it was only noon and they had nothing else to do Braedon decided to head to the church of Pelor and I joined him. Outside the church they found an elderly couple in distress. They had discovered Kristof Jurgensen was inside and was upsetting the parishioners. Braedon and I went into the church with caution and approached Kristof. Sensing the situation called for a private conversation between the priests I stood in the back of the church to give them privacy.

Kristof was drunk again and ended up giving Braeden a letter. The letter read:

“To the excellent Kristoff, Most Reverent and Divinely Favored High Priest of our Superbly Holy Shining One and Sun Father, Pelor the Brightest, in Cauldron, greetings and the bond of friendship, amicitiae vinculum. I desire your worthy self in attendance of a meeting of no little import to parlay upon such futures. The place of assemblage shall be the auspicious Coy Nixie, Lord Zachary Aslaxin I, proprietor, one and one half of a standard daily hour past that of luncheon upon the sixth day of our present week of Starday the twentieth and five days within our month of Ariday within the Current Year, 594. I thank you for receiving my messenger so honorably.

Fare thee as well as I fare,

The Lord Mayor Severen Navalant of Cauldron have you in governance. Written at Town Hall in haste for default of good secretary, &c. Yours, Severen Navalant.”

Kristof felt the meeting was a plot by the high priest of Wee Jas. In an effort to ease his friend’s concern, Braedon told Kristof that he has enough gold to pay the yearly clergy tax. Kristof is surprised and grabs Braeden, trying to determine if he indeed had the tax money. He then wondered how it was acquired and Braedon assured him it was “honestly donated money.” This seemed to ease Kristoff a bit. However it was apparent to Braedon that his friend was becoming more and more paranoid. Given this, Braedon agreed to attend the meeting in Kristof’s place.

Meanwhile Kenric headed to the Academy. He was met there by a young wizard named Deshu who works in the Office of the Magister. Kenric purchased his academy membership but it took hours. After the required tests, Kenric was given a tour of the Academy including showing him the room he now shared with another young wizard.

Gerran decided to stay with the Festival crowd to assist the locals with the trading.

Braedon and I went to the Coy Nixie and were shown to a back room. The Coy Nixie is a high class establishment and the patrons were shocked to see a priest and dwarf in armor with weapons being escorted through the establishment. As they walked through they observed several patrons playing Dragon chess.

In the back room they found the other priests from the churches in town. Jenya Urikas was there in place of Sarcem Delasharn from the Church of St Cuthbert, Asfelkir Hranleurt the High Priest of Kord (freshly in from hosting the Annual Elparg) was there representing The Church of Lordly Might, Ike Ivarson was standing in place of Embril Aloustinai of The Temple of Wee Jas and Braeden and I were representing the Temple of Light, the Church of Pelor. The group was discussing the events for the up coming Flood Festival and what each of the churches were doing.

Shortly after, The Mayor, Lord Taskerhill, three city guards and an unknown man came into the room. The man was soon introduced as Conroy Vilderhall, the first exchangle tax collecter. At moment the Churches were instructed they would be required to pay their taxes at this time. All paid and then waited to see what the Church of Pelor would do. Braedon stepped up and paid the taxes. Jenya let out a sigh of relief and Ike from Wee Jas frowned. Once the taxes were paid the group was then informed the church tax would be increased from 500 gold to 1000 gold next year. The group was outraged and the meeting erupted with angry voices. The priests demanded to know why the taxes were being increased. Aslaxin closed the door and sealed it. He then said “all of you are sworn to secrecy about what is revealed here. Two decades operatives from Cauldron and Sasserine have been observing the slave trading off the coast, the slaves were being sold by King Snurr to the Drow allies in the Underdark. The fear is a massive army of terrible size is being assembled and fear Snurr will unleash his armies on the cities. The cities are building an army in secret so as not to scare the populace. The army is made up of recruits, mercenaries and adventuring parties.” Zachery unseals door and the mayor and his group leaves.

After the meeting I realized it is now close to dark so Braedon and I race back to my home for the meeting with the special customer. The customer turned out to be a half-orc named Kindred Molster. He a first tried to make moves on me but I made it very clear I was only there take his order and nothing more. Kindred informs me he is new to the city guard and needs better weapons then what they are willing to give him. He orders a Orc double axe for 100 gold and a metal shield for 20 gold. He also asked me to put a yellow fang on the shield, which he considers his mark. I decided to also offer to add his more to the axe as well. After some negotiations we came to an agreement on price and I agreed to work on the axe first and then the shield. Unfortunately it will take me three weeks to finish this order, which will surely interfere with my adventuring.
After the meeting Braeden and I headed back to Ghelves. Next day we all awoke to find Listens to Wind had not returned home. Concern for our new friend we headed out to find him. Soon we found him passed out at the Tipped Tankard with his belt and sword. Gerran realized Listens to Wind needed some better cloths so the two headed out after breakfast to purchase some finer clothing. I tell the others I have to get back to work and head to the smithy to begin working on the axe. This should make my boss happy.

Gerran, Kenric, Braedon and Listens to Wind then headed to Skyes. Upon arrive they realized that she was still mad at them for the infection she obtained from their last item. But after telling her a story she is in a better mood. Gerran then offers to pay her for some information. He asks about a lantern with a fairy in it. Skye knew what he was talking about and told him the lanterns brought bad luck. People who bought them often died and the proprietor who sold it to them would take it back and sell it again.

The group then headed back to Ghelves. When they arrived they noticed the door was unlocked. As they stepped in they found Sir Alec Tercival sitting in the living area and Isky sitting in a corner of the room pretending to be a chest. Kenric asked Isky why the door was open and Isky sorrowfully admitted he went outside and forgot to lock the door.

Gerran and Kenric went down into the hold to show Sir Alec Tercival the city of Jzadarune to try and determine where The Vanishing started. After touring the city and sprinkling holy water here and there Tercival concluded The Vanishing started in the library. After doing some ceremony he stated the city was clean. Before he left he commented to Gerran and Kenric the two walls to the North did not appear to be original and they appeared to have been built to seal something either in or off. He then left for the surface.



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