Thrice The Brinded Cat

Tales of Yore

Starday, the 15th of Coldeven in the CY 594

The clouds moved in, today, and the wind picked up, running abeam from west to east across the Dragonsprit’s deck. After leaving the Shar fleet behind, the coastline became decidedly rough, with jagged black cliffs rising from the sea and looking far more deadly than the plentiful coral reefs sporadically appearing in the nearshore waters.

Tonsil caught an enormous sailfish during the early part of the day and turned it into a scrumptious dinner by evening, passing around several fillets encrusted with roasted nuts and sea salt, flavored with mild saffron and served over a bed of rice and boiled dates.

That night, over watered grog and boiled plantains, Rhemi entertained the crew with a telling of the story of the Olman – his people. Gorbi did his best to determine the dates of the events and to filter out the more fanciful details in hopes of distilling a sense of truth from the amazing history.

Later that night, under the flickering light of a guttering lantern he wrote:

A History of the Amedio Jungle and the Many and Varied Peoples who Lived within it.

As told by Rhemi, Second-Mate of the Dragonsprit and penned by Gorbachev Mushroomnose, mercenary-extrordinaire.

  • Forever ago to somewhere around -1700 CY: An evil, demon-worshipping troglodyte race inhabited the Amedio.
  • -1700 to -1200 CY : The d’Kana, a peaceful race of gorilla-like beings displaced the trogs. Their Seers foretold the coming of the violent men to the jungle so they picked up and left, perhaps to the volcanic mountains far to the west – the Helfurnaces? Evil ketch, foul kopru and benign beastmen also had settlements during this time but kept to themselves.
  • -1000 CY: Olman arrived from Hepmonaland across the ocean.
  • -800 CY: Seven glorious city-states built by the Olman around a central capitol had formed. The Olman of the Amedio then claimed independence from the motherland.
  • -425 CY: Difficult to believe, but apparently armies of demons suddenly appeared and went to war with the Olman. Five of the cities were instantly destroyed. Southernmost Tamoachan suffered a civil war and destroyed itself.
  • -424 CY: The very next year, droves of Suel escaping a war across the sea to the east on the Tilvanot peninsula began to wash ashore and mixed with the Olman who were settled there.
  • -350 CY: A different wave of Suel entered the Amedio and fought the Olman. These Suel were well equipped and cruel. They carved a path through the jungle, defeating Olman and demon alike in a quest to reach the ruins of Elatahuihle on Matreyus Lake . They conquered that land and settled there for nearly two centuries – a pariah to all who came too near the massive lake.
  • -170 CY: Elatahuihle fell mysteriously into ruin once again. The Suel vanishing completely.
  • -97 CY: Mighty armies from Keoland, the Lion Throne, arrive and wage a holy war upon the demons of the jungle. The demon hordes are defeated in a decisive battle at something called the Demonskar. The Keolanders found the cities of Sasserine, Redgorge and Cauldron.
  • 393 CY: A mighty beast, which the Olman name Kacheklequi (Fire Snake of Hell), arrives and terrorizes the jungle. Taking a mate and producing many terrible progeny.
  • 493 CY: Exactly 100 years later, the fire beast retreats to the volcano, Mt Hurlon, and disappears.
  • 530 CY: A new threat arrived on the shores of Jeklea Bay, the Sea Princes raided and enslaved both Amedians, Suel and Olman, alike. They conquer Sasserine, assume control of the resources and then, using their network of spies, systematically alter the maps and history books across the known world, erasing all mention of the riches and civilizations of the Amedio in order to protect their greedy interests.
  • 584 CY: The leaders of the Sea Princes disappear over the course of a single night – The Night of Death. For the next five years, the Shar control the region unopposed and take many slaves of the Olman.
  • 589 CY: Far away the lost Olman find their strength and break their shackles. A new day is upon the Olman and the world. Rhemi says he will help usher in this new age any way he can. The crew of the Dragonsprit raised their mugs and shouted their support. Even Captain Arganat nodded his head in agreement. Rhemi, however, refused any details of what he meant by “uprising” and I decide to leave it be. I am sure I can dig up the details from someone more forthcoming.



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