Thrice The Brinded Cat


Godsday Ariday 21, CY 593 

The very next morning we continued to explore the city of Jzadirune. During one of our tours we discovered a room with several monstrously huge spiders . The spiders did not stand a chance against our superior skills but during the battle we had to fight in a pool of water. Or at least what appeared to be water.  To Braeden the water was not there and to others the water appeared to be unnatural.  We also discovered the gnomish theater, where we had a very frustrating battle with a Skulk that appeared to be suffering from The Vanishing. After the battle, Braeden sat down on one of the many benches in the theater and a the lights in the room magically dimmed and the illlusion of actors in a play appeared on stage! We didn't stick around for the performance, but Gerran promised to go back one day to finish watching.  


Upon returning to the surface , Gerran went to the Tipped Tankard to meet with Sergeant Justin Maltemps. He learned that the Glump had been promoted to Captain of another unit and a rather effeminate half-orc had been assigned to take his place in Justin's unit. More guards were being promoted as the city increased the number of guards in its ranks.

That night Kenric found a note from Sasha Kronovavik so he went to the The Bluecrater Acadamy to meet her. They explored the school, specifically Maximillian Weer's room and the room below it. Max's room appeared to have been destroyed from an explosion from the room below. The room had belonged to another instructor – (?Abrodeous?) who was looking to transmute objects using cold. 

Sell, Sell, Sell….

Because we had accumulated so many gnomish artifacts we decided that we needed to start selling some of the items. We went to Skie’s Treasury a curio shop in town and meet the owner, Skie. 

Skie purchased some of our items and offered to deal with us on the condition that we create an adventuring name for the group and we come back once a week to tell her tales of our adventures.  We chose to be called the “Moonhowlers.” In entering our name into her book we noticed that the Stormblades were also listed. 

Recently the Stormblades had been honored for clearing the kobold invasion sweeping through the Duvick’s mines.  Of course upon reading this in The Cauldron Herald we were peeved that the Stormblades, who were the children of the noble houses and our archrivals, were being glorified while our work was going unheralded.

 Locking up a locksmith…

We meet up with Captain Justin Maltemps at the courthouse just in time to be ushered into The Honorable Judge Ghease's courtroom.

Kegan Ghelve was already in the room waiting for the trial to begin.  Braenna raised the cage containing Starbrow so that Kegan could see his pet was safe.  The trial was short. Kegan confessed that he had given the skulks the master key that lead to the Kidnappings of Cauldrin citizen’s. The Judge found him guilty and sentenced him to six months in jail. The Judge also found Starbrow guilty and sentenced him to serve time with Kegan. 

This left Kegan’s business open to us to continue to use and for Gerran to possibly set up a locksmith shop if he so chooses. 

After the trial Braenna met with Splintershield as he made his way to the Council meeting.  She learned that the old dwarf hates his sons but he didn’t reveal why. She also was told to not capture Kazmodin but to just kill him on sight. Again, the old dwarf did not reveal the reason for this request. 

After that we returned to the city and once again began exploring the Theater area. We found ourselves being shot at by the partially vanished skulk, again. Gerran attempted to stop the creature but it escaped.  We then continued exploring and discovered two creatures that appeared to be made of rags.  Braenna was able to kill the first one with a critical hit and the second one was killed by the others. 

We then returned to the Cathedral area. As we explored we found ourselves fighting centipeds in a fog. Braeden ended up killing three of the creatures and Gerran killed one.  We than found a mysterious room which we determined was the Library.  In exploring the Library we learned from a projection that “The cause of the vanishing began here, here it remains, through magic.” (Need to verify this quote)

At the end our exploration we realized that we had discovered all of the keys to Jzadirune.


We spent the remainder of the day, and most of the next, trying to unload all of the Gnomish Treasures we acquired in Jzadirune.



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