Thrice The Brinded Cat


Earthday, the 13th of Coldeven in the CY 594

This day was hot and muggy as the last, with a light and favorable wind that kept the Dragonsprit making even time along the tropical coast. Black sand beaches, rugged headlands, razor reefs and a cloudless sky was the theme from sunup to sundown with little to no break in the monotony.

The only excitement came from a pod of large whales breaching a mile or so further out to sea. Gorbi excitedly pointed out a particularly large specimen which apparently came to the surface to soak in the sun’s warming light. The wet skin of the massive beast glinted in the sunlight.

But the whale never moved as they approached and soon its pale and pleated underbelly was seen bobbing in the wave. “It’s dead,” Zokar intoned in his rumbling basso voice.

“What could have killed something like that? Its so massive,” squeaked Gorbi.

Zokar shrugged, “That’s a big ’un for sure. A grand-daddy whale, that one. Mayhaps old age took his life this day.”

No sooner had Zokar finished his thoughts when the whale corpse seemed to lift out of the water and the sharp toothed-jaws of a shark clamped down on the whale’s belly. Gouts of blood and seawater fountained into the air and the massive shark shook its giant head, tearing off a chunk of blubber, so loud Gorbi could hear the ripping sound from where he stood at the ship’s rails.

“Wow,” said Zokar, his voice monotone, “you don’t see sharks that big every day.”

“Or, never,” said Lady Min who was hanging from the rigging overhead. She had also stopped what she was doing to watch the spectacle.

After that, Gorbi made sure not to ever lean out over the ship’s rails again.



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