Thrice The Brinded Cat

Proceed With Caution

Waterday Reapingday 8, CY 593  

The next morning Braedonwent to the top of the spire of the Church of Pelor, stripped naked and began his meditation.

That morning Gerran went around learning what was happening on the streets, spread some rumors and periodically checked in on the house. As he was moving about town he noticed a woman across the street. She pointed at him. There were three other ladies. They giggled. “Good morning, Gerran” the baker hollerd. He became aware that one in eight people on the street were looking at him.

As he was moving through town there was a tug at Gerran’s pant leg. “Mr. Gerran, I’m supposed to retrieve you. Follow me.”

Gerran asked “Who sent for me.” The child replied, “Master Kaewyd.” This was his mother’s boss. As the moved through the streets, the child moved people out of the way. Once they reached their destination he held out his hand. Gerran went into the shop and Lucielle said to him “They are done! Master Kaewyd says no charge.”

Gerran thanked her and took the package with him and headed to the house. There was a small crowd outside. There was a tall burly human — the foreman. There was also a crew of 25 people in worker clothes. They had a large piece of parchment with them and they were writing out something on the parchment. Then a rather jovial looking man arrived. Lord Vhalantru greeted Gerran.

That morning, Listens to Winds left Kegan’s shop and went to see Skye. He then went to see The Glump to see if the city guards needed training on jungle survival. The Glump told him Sgt. Quell runs that training and the Glump pointed to a patrol down below. The patrol was part of an outrider patrol.

Meanwhile I went to the Hold with my boss. We examined the forge to see about getting it up and running. I could sense that he was impressed by the Hold and the forge. After that I headed to the docks to meet the stonemason, Argos Best. He indicated he hadn’t worked on a statue before. He told me he charges 2 silver a day for his services and 1 silver for his crew. I told him I would think about it. I was unsure if I could trust a human to handle the Shrine with the respect it should be given.

Kenric continued to study.

That evening Braedon descended from the spire of Pelor after finishing his meditation. Starving and thirsty he headed down to see Kristof. Braedon stressed to Kristof that he needed to go mediate and meditate, for the good of the church. That night Braedon had a dream. He found himself back under the Spire. The sun was not hot — it felt just right. Suddenly he saw a black crescent shape and it began to move across the noon day sun. He yelled to the heavens “no, no” and tried to stop the disc as it begun to cover the sun.



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