Thrice The Brinded Cat

Party at Pelor

Starday Reapingday 11, CY 593  

During the day we all continued to work on our various projects. That night at the “Meet The Moonhowers” party, we are first to arrive. Soon every single member of the congregation is there. Minutes before the party begins Jenya and Rufus arrive. Jenya is dressed nicely. Slowly people begin to trickle in.

People moved off of the street and headwd inside. Soon I recognized Edith and we began to chat. Then Nebron and Gerran’s mother as well as Bob and Doug show up. Soon more and more people arrive. Kenric noticed that Canon Althalos Runedald of the School of Abjuration in The Bluecrater Academy had arrived with his wife and he went to greet them.

The place was packed. Finally, out of breath, Justin, The Glump, Tarmy Two Buckle and some of the privates arrived. We soon saw Lord Jeremy Tucklin and Lord Vahlantru. Asfelkar, Ike Iverson, the Wee Jas lower level guy, also made an appearance. Judge Ghease, the barrister and the prosecutor also arrived. And when we saw Sir Alec Tersival we began to feel the party was going to be a success for Braedon. We even didn’t mind that Conroy Viderhall – Cauldron’s newest tax collector was there. Soon Belterton Hanstock was trying to get Gerran’s attention. Suddenly the doors opened and a gaudy, loud group walked in. The group was lead by Anna Taskerhill and the rest of the Stomblades followed.

The sons and daughters of the nobility are extremely dangerous. We know them and their foul ways. They are so far above the law it isn’t funny. As young children they would tease and provoke children but they would not get in trouble.

Soon the crowd began to comment. “The Stormblades are here.” And the crowd begas to go to them. To take control of the party Braedon began to make a speech. First he introduced the Moonhowlers. First to be introduced is Kenric. He then introduced me, then Master Gerran, and finally he introduced Listens to Wind. During the introductions the Stormblades offered rude comments including calling Listens to Wind a “trained attack monkey.” Braedon ignored the rude comments and proceeded. As part of the speech he offered to heal people. This was met with a retort from Zachary Aslaxin Jr. of Kord having more priests.

Kenric made a comment to Asfelker. Braedon ignored the comments and finished his comments. Kenric noticed Anna Taskerhill. Anna is a bard and she was casting a spell. Kenric pointed it to Asfelker. Anna pulled out her lute and began to play. Kenric casts Mage Hand and “helped” her play. She began singing and her lute playing turned out to be horrible – thanks to Kenric’s assistance. I cried out that the playing was horrible. Then Kenric pointed out the playing was very bad. Gerran loudly commented that she was interrupting the festivities. Everyone snapped back except the Stormblade’s cronies. Lord Vhalantru came forward. and said to Annah, “Excuse me Taskerhill, but I think your father is looking for you.”

The Glump cames up to LTW and Kenric. Justin came to us and said, “Very well done.”
At the end of the party Pelor had made 165 gold.



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