Thrice The Brinded Cat

Much ado about Jil

Freeday Reapingday 3, CY 593  

Today, Kenric tried to identify the walking stick we had found in the Malachite Hold and he realized the angel on the head of the staff screws off and inside he discovered a cavity. Inside the cane was a glass vile with liquid in it sealed shut by a stopper. He identified the liquid as a Cure Moderate Wounds potion. The group spent a bit more time that morning to identify the magical items and potions they had been stockpiling.

The Moonhowlers had breakfast and then headed off to court. Judge Geisse heard the case of the Moonhowlers vs Jil. The charges were assault on a member of the clergy, attempted murder, being a member of a terrorist organization, and fleeing the scene of a crime. Jil represented herself at the trial and denied the charges against her. The two criminal guards who attacked Rufus Laro were some of the witnesses brought against her. Jil was found guilty and was sentenced to jail for two years.

When the trial was over the Moonhowlers decided to head out and hunt some goblins, so off we went to Orak’s bathhouse. Once there, the group investigated the building, the proprietor, Orak Stonehaven and his employees. The entire group observed the bath house from street level. In the morning the bath maidens were seen outside scrubbing the baths and by mid-day the baths were full of a cooling liquid. Orak charged one silver piece each for the soap and bath.

The ground outside of the bath house was hard packed light colored dirt—very good for tracking. It was a one story building, square in shape with no windows and a single door. The building was made of a dark stone and was due south of the Lake. The bath was open from noon to midnight everyday. Listens to Wind checked for goblin tracks in the dirt but saw nothing resembling goblin tracks and all of the tracks appeared to be made by individuals, not groups. They seemed to be mainly tracks of people cutting through the property between the streets. Gerran and Kenric also searched and didn’t find anything either. The building was made of malachite and was dwarven built.

Listens to Wind decided to go inside to take a bath and to scout the interior. Gerren decided to go in as well. The bath-maidens said, “No weapons. You must store them here,” and they pointed to a spot by the door. We met the bath maidens Doria and Rayna at the door, Margaret and Jess were found further inside helping with the baths. The smell of water and soap was in the air. The floor was made of a wooden grate and there was water under the grate. Gerran inspected the private baths and Listens checked out the public bath.

Kenric asked questions of the two maidens at the door. Had they seen anything unusual like things out of place or things missing? Gerran asked to speak to the owner, Orak Stonehaven. He was a dwarf with a leather eye patch set with a red gem. Gerran explained that the group was directed to the bathhouse, having been told goblins might be in the area. Orak ranted about goblins but then admitted he hadn’t seen any in the area. The building was locked up at night. Gerran asked for and received permission for the group to check out the building. Kenric went in at that point. Orak told him the building was built by his ancestor, Morris Stonehaven. Gerran got dressed and tried to palm one of his daggers after getting dressed.

There was a large drain in the large, public bath. Listens checked the drain. Listens asked how the pool was filled and Margaret told him it was the owner’s secret.

Kenric activated his wand of Detect Secret Doors. Rayna told him he couldn’t do that. But, he saw there were no secret doors anyway while Orak ran over to Kenric to see what was happening. In the meantime, Gerran cast Detect Magic. Gerran detected magic in Orak’s office, so he quietly opened the office door and peeked in. Inside was a desk, chair and a magical jug. Gerran determined it to be a Decanter of Endless Water.

Listens to Wind leapt out of the public bath, naked and ran over to try to throw me into the bath but failed, of course! Suddenly four cross bow bolts shot past Braedon and smacked into the building.

In the meantime, Gerran was able to get the door unlocked that was inside Orak’s office. When he opened the door a foul odor; hot, humid, rotted meat assailed his nostrils. Gerran closed the door and prepared to confront Orak.

What appeared to be four human men, dressed in foul leather armor were attacking us. They had dropped their crossbows and pulled out rapiers. As all four tried to attack, Breadon saw their faces change into rat-like features. They were wererats! Braedon summoned Spiritual Weapon and the battle was on. We knew these creatures carried diseases and only silver weapons or magic would damage them. Gerran noticed Orak had an evil look set toward Kenric. It appeared Orak was part of the rat gang. Gerran cast Charm Person on Orak. Suddenly, Listen to Wind was bit by one of the rats. He ran over to get his silver two-bladed sword which was stored in the bathhouse changing room. The battle continued and soon the rats were dead. Listen got dressed and headed out to find the City Guard. Before he went out Braedon was fully aware the creatures were inflicted with lycanthropy and anyone bitten had a chance to become infected.

Gerran began to question Orak about the stairs in his office. Gerran lead him into the office and showed him the hole. Orak did not appear to see the stairs. Gerran was sure Orak was not responding of his own will and that something wass blocking his ability to respond. He indicated the rats were not his friends or employees. Orak offered him a drink and Gerran stopped him from drinking from the decanter.

Listens to Wind found a group of guards. Sgt. Cruist ordered an emergency and the guards raced to the scene. Cruist arrived with his guards and took control. He sent for backup, then cuffed Orak. All four wererats were tied up; two rat men were alive and two were dead.

Kenric interrogated the bath maidens. This was very unusual to happen at the bathhouse. Eventually Justin’s patrol arrived. Gerran took her aside and showed Justin the stairs. He told her Orak didn’t acknowledge the door or the stairs even existed. Gerran felt he was ensorcelled. Something or someone was affecting his mind.

Justin indicated that the goblins that had been arrested days ago seem to have been ensorcelled as well. Justin wondered out loud if this was where the goblins were coming from. The guards hauled the rats and Orak off to jail. Kenric told Justin about the disease; use of silver weapons, and not to let them bite others.

Braedon told everyone that lycanthropy is a medical disease, and during a full moon if you have been bitten you can become a were-creature. Listens to Wind was infected and he had about half an hour to get treatment. So, LTW went to the Temple of Kord and Braedon and Braenna went to go get more money.

Justin got a patrol to guard the bathhouse. Kenric and Gerran went to report to Skellerang. Gerran took the decanter from his office as well as checked out Orak’s desk. Justin helped with the search. Gerran relocked the basement door and placed another lock on the doors that he had taken from Ghelve’s. Both doors were locked in this manner.

Kenric and Justin checked the office. The desk had the normal supplies; receipts, ink, etc. They checked the papers to see if there was invisible writing, but there was none. The stuff looked legit. Under the desk wass a locked wooden chest. Gerren opened the lock and checked for traps. Inside wass money and 150 bars of soap. The items were left in the office.

Kord – Temple of Lordly Might. The Temple was a huge fighting pit. It took a while but one of the acolytes appeared and gave Listens to Wind some belladonna to cure the disease. The idea was if within one hour you could have the patient eat belladonna you would give them a chance to fight the disease. Listens to Wind ate the foul tasting plant. The cure worked. The plant was toxic, though. But Listens to Wind was not affected and is ok.

After getting the human cured the group returned to the bath house to meet up with Kenric and Gerran. Most of the guards were posted inside the bathhouse and the group dispersed to Ghelve’s house. I headed to my home to work on my armor spikes. Kenric went to Skye’s to buy some items. Skye indicates she might be getting in some new items due to a soon to occur swap meet she will be attending. Listens to Wind and Hoppy took a well deserved rest at Ghelve’s.

That evening Justin came to Ghelve’s house with a small keg of ale under her arm. “Grab a mug” she said. She’s not supposed to drink before work but because our group had her working all day she decided to break the rules. She indicated to the group they pulled Judge Ghease for tomorrow’s trail of Orak, and the two wererats; Velik and Marin. While drinking, the group, minus Braenna, discussed with Justin what the charges should be against Orak.

That evening Listens to Winds woke up and headed to the roof to look for goblins, Gerran joined him in the vigil. Kenric and Braedon stayed while Justin groggily headed out to find her patrol. That evening the rain came in with a heavy mist. Gerren tried to determine if the mist was magical but he determined it was just natural. Ahhh, the Autumn Rains of Cauldron were upon us! Sometimes I miss the rainy season.



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