Thrice The Brinded Cat

Mimic See Mimic Do

Moonday Ariday 20, CY 593 

Kenric met with his old teacher Sasha at the academy and learned that Smoke was the familiar to Maximillian Weer, a professor at the academy and brother to Vortimax Weer, an elixir merchant and alchemy instructor at The Bluecrater Acadamy.  Smoke had disappeared after Max was killed in an explosion at the academy. 

We went back to the old city of Jzadirune and explored the area. We discovered what appeared to be the Gnome King, King Beznod IV, sleeping on his throne. However it was apparent that he was not really there, maybe he was merely a projection caused by some gnomish technology. 

Upon re-entering the gnome city we were confronted by several creatures one of whom spoke to us. The creature, known as Yathaub stated we would not be allowed to continue until we removed an obstical in the Cathedral.

We decided to head to the Cathedral to face this creature. During our journey we discovered yet another room containing more gnomish treasures. Yathaub warned that the treasure was his. Rather than fight him we decided to face the creature and then take the loot.

Upon entering the Cathedral we discovered we were facing a grell. After a great battle, the creature was vanquished. In the creature’s nest, we found the remains of three unlucky dark creepers along with two potions, a black velvet bag of coins and a An Odd Dagger which I gave to Gerran. We then meet with Yuathyb. During our conversation we learned that Yuathyb was infected with the The Vanishing disease. We also learned that his wife, the dark elf maiden Laila Daub, had been killed in a fight with the dwarves being lead by Zenith Splintershield, one of Davked Splintershield’s sons.  Yuathyb indicated that he and his followers would leave and go find a new place to call home. 

After he left we discovered in a room Starbrow. Starbrow was in a cage located on top of what appeared to be a crate. The crate turned to be a very friendly mimic.  The mimic’s name was Iskythy. We just call him Isky.  The mimic’s former master died so it had made it’s way up from the Underdark in search of the surface.

During our conversation we learned that another mimic, a less friendly one had also been stored in the room but had been removed earlier.  From Isky we learned that the half dwarf we were seeking was down in the Hold and answered to the name Kazmodian.  Kazmodin’s mother was a surface dwarf and his dad was a troll.  We learned that he sold his slaves at the Life Bazaar and that a creature names Prylath was scheduled to purchase the people kidnapped recently from the city. 

We fed Isky some of our rations, which he seems to enjoy and then asked him to join us.  He agreed and now stands guard over the treasures we have collected during our exploration of the city. 



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