Thrice The Brinded Cat

Listens To Wind

Earthday Ariday 23, CY 593 

Braenna went to Phalian Gurnezarn‘s smithy to drop off the group’s gold and to store some of her newly found treasures in a secured safe place. Meanwhile, the rest of the group went to Skies Treasury to have her identify some of the magic items they had found. The first item she identified for them turned out to be a gray bag of tricks. Braeden decided that he wanted this item. Next, Skie looked over the wands that Kenric had been holding on to. Skie identified the wands as a wand of burning hands with 24 charges left and a wand of sleep with 8 charges left and then tried to use one in order to demonstrate its effect, but as she used it she got a concerned look on her face and said that “something was wrong.” Kenric told her that the wands had come from Jzadirune. At that point, Skie went to the back room and returned with a wand of her own and waved this over Kenric’s two wands. She then realized that the items were cursed. At that point she refused to purchase them and chased the group from the store. She said she was going to have to visit The Temple of Lordly Might in order to have the curse removed. She seemed very unhappy with the group for having infected her. Before leaving Gerran showed her the the odd dagger we found in the gnomish ruins. She clicked the hilt and showed that it contained a vial of poison. She called it a “venom dagger” and indicated that it could hold two doses of poison.

The three of them then headed towards the source of a loud ruckuss they heard at the Western Gate. Earlier, Braenaa had heard the same noises as she was making her way back from the smithy and she had gone to investigate. Upon arriving at the gate she saw several of the City Guard on the wall. A young guardsman spoke up and ordered her to leave. A larger individual on the wall ordered the young man to arrest Braenna. She challenged the reason for the arrest but soon discovered it was just The Glump playing tricks on her. He introduced her to his new command as Sergeant of Gate Guard 6.

The Glump indicated that several orcs had been seen on the road outside Cauldron. He challenged Braenna to take care of the problem. Braenna considered this and negotiated a deal – one keg of beer from the Glump for every two orc heads Braenna comes up with. The Glump had a deal.

By this time the rest of the group arrived at the wall so they headed out the city gates to take care of the orc problem in the jungle. The group didn’t get far down the road when they heard movement in the thick jungle trees to their left. Gerran moved into the foliage to flank them. Braenna in the meantime decided that she didn’t want to run through the thick forest so she went to an opening in the vegetation where it appeared the orcs had entered earlier. Braenna stood her ground and ordered the orcs to come out of the woods. Soon it became apparent that the orcs had turned and began running parallel to the group. Braenna sprinted ahead to stop their progress but suddenly out of the opening came some Amedio Suel Tribesmen.

The two tribe members each had a captive. One had a baboon and the other a half naked human. The tribesmen prepared for battle but tied up their human hostage first. A battle ensued and the captive proved to be a worth ally.

After the battle the group released the human captive. They discovered his name was Listens To Wind. They also discovered the group of Suel had been hunting orcs and already had four orc heads with them. Braenna decided to take them with her to give to the Glump, because technically, the beer was for orc heads and not necessarily orc heads severed by the hand of Braenna!

Soon they tracked down the rest of the orcs and defeated them. The group, along with their new ally, went back to town and found the Glump and his men at the The Tipped Tankard. The Glump kept his word and the alcohol flowed freely. Of course the group figured out that their new friend didn’t hold his alcohol all that well, after just one drink he passed out.

Later that night Kenric and Gerran headed to their respective homes while the rest of the group went to Ghelves Locks to crash for the night.



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