Thrice The Brinded Cat

Lifes Bazaar

Freeday Ariday 24, CY 593 

The next day, Listens to Wind woke up with a hangover. After finding some pain medicine for Listens the group went down to Jzadirune and then headed to the doorway to the Malachite Hold. The room contained two hobgoblins. Turned out they spoke Dawarven.

“You’re late!” they barked at Braenna. At that very moment the Moonhowlers decided to pose as slave buyers. This allowed them to take the lift down to the Hold without any difficulty.

At the bottom, we went down a long hallway and came upon a strange, spiky statue. The statue turned out to be an earth elemental, named Terafax, to be exact, and he had been tasked with guarding the entry to the Hold. He told us he was bound forever to the master of the Hold and currently that master was the foul creature known as Kazmojen. He also pointed out that he reports to someone (or something) called the Major Domo and that he was currently sleeping in the room down the hall.

The group found the Major Domo fast asleep and defeated him before he could sound an alarm. The Major Domo turned out to be a really disgusting ogre named, “Xukasus” After he died, his body transformed into a weird plant-thing with teeth. Strange is the way of life for an adventurer.

After we finished with Xuksus, we headed out to find the missing children. Posing as slavers, we passed by several hobgoblin guards and were finally escorted into a large room with several children, as well as Kazmojen and Pryllak Shyraat, a Durzagon slaver from the Underdark, bartering for them. Braenna tried to buy the group of children, but only succeeded in buying Terrem, one of the boys. The Moonhowlers then prepared to take the rest of the children by force, but before the group could do that, a large image appeared before them. Kazmodjen called the image Lord Orbius.

The Lord seemed to be familiar with Gerren and laughed when Gerren offered to take Terrem to the surface. The Lord killed Pyllrak’s bodyguard and then disappeared with Terrem. However, Orbius alluded that Terrem would be returned to the The Lantern Street Orphanage.

Braenna demanded her money back for the loss of Terrem. Kazmodjen lost it and a HUGE battle began. While Braenna and Gerran fought Kazmojen, Braedon fought Kazmojen’s pet, a howler named Prickles. Suddenly more hobgoblins appeared upon a metal cat-walk overhead and began firing volleys of arrows down upon us. During the battle two elves, Fario and Fellian, joined the group in the battle. As it looked like the group was going to be defeated, Yathaub the dark stalker appeared along with his creeper minions. Gerran had broken from the fight to chase down Pyllrak as he made his way to escape with three of the children from the Orphanage. During the battle, several of the missing people from the surface appeared and help rescue the childre, unfortunately Pyllrak got away.

Kenric went back to talk to Yauthab about the Dwarven statue that was in the hallway draped in chains. Yathaub became angry and then began to grieve. It turned out that the statue was of Zenith Splintershield. Listens To Wind decided to take the chains with him and began to wrap them up. This caused the chains to come alive! Yauthab attacked the chains and Kenric used one of the wands from Jzadarune. The wand worked but it gave Kenric a shock. He soon realized he was now infected with the The Vanishing.

As the group moved the survivors to the lift, Braenna stopped in front of the earth elemental to inform him that Kazmojen was dead and that she was now claiming rights to the Hold. The element agreed. She then informed the elemental that Yauthab and his group would be staying in the hold to protect it for her.

The group had rescued Corstyn Pike and seven other kidnap victims. Once they were on the surface the group sent for Sergeant Justin Maltemps and Jenya Urikas. The survivors and their rescuers made statements at the Town Hall and was thanked by Tersean Skellerang (gained one Fame Point). The group received healing aid from various members of all churches. The group then went to Church of St. Cuthbert where Jenya and Alek Tercival the great Paladin examined Kenric and soon discovered more secrets of The Vanishing. The determined the Vanishing was a curse and so Alek was asble to cured Kenric. Later the group took the Paladin to the Hold and had him cure Yathaub. Thus strengthening the bound between the group and Yathaub and his minions.

Later that evening, Gerran and Kenric decided to do some exploring in the Malachite Hold so the two adventures set out to examine the bridge Gerran had discovered while chasing Pyllrak. While in the Hold, the two asked Yathaub if he knew where the master key Ghelve made was located. He indicated Kazmojen had it last and it may now be in his room. After crossing the bridge they entered what appeared as a hallway but a noise was heard and Gerran saw a claw and hammer appear through the walls. Kenric realized this was an illusion and when he looked beyond the false wall he saw two hammerer automatons.

Gerran created a creature made of light and had it walk down the hallway. As the lights moved down the hallway the automitons came to life and tried to attack the lights. Gerran and Kenric decided it would be better to move back across the bridge and bring the others down to deal with the machines.

In the meantime Braedon, Listens to Wind and I decided to take Isky for a walk with a few stops at the taverns to lessen their thirst. Outside the tavern, Isky saw a woman with a parasol and decided to turn himself into this new form. Thus, the group was able to go in and out of the taverns without anyone noticing anything unusual. Isky didn’t like the food at the taverns but liked the beer. The group soon tired and returned to Ghelves.



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