Thrice The Brinded Cat

Flood Festival Begins

Moonday, Rainyday 6, CY 593

When dawn breaks it is pouring down rain. Moonday. First Day of the Flood Festival.

Everyone is yelling, “The Mayor has called the start of the festival!”

The flood festival has arrived! All shops shut down as the announcement is made. Most of the shops open small open-market stands at the back of their shops. Most shops have sales on items, Including 25% off at Skies’s.

Food vendors have appeared in the streets. The main food being sold are fish sticks — lake fish that is barbecued on a stick! There are also candied plantains, taffy and roasted pineapple.

Some vendors serve monkey-paws – a bread concoction. They also have rage weed beer, which is nasty tasting. The beer is served in communal bowls with communal straws.

Kids are playing with inflated bladders, hoops of wood, and playing a splashing game

There is a Drink Down The Flood contest. It is a week long drinking contest and it starts this afternoon. There is a 1gp entry fee. I decide to take a break and join the drinking contest.

Each day there is something else going on.

Godsday, Rainday 7 – The Monster Hunt
Waterday, Rainday 8 – Street performance contest
Earthday, Rainday 9 – Plays
Freeday, Rainday 10 – The House of Might Tournament
Starday, Rainday 11 – The Demonskar Ball
Sunday , Rainday 12 – Flood Festival Parades

Kenric is going to study wild magic. I head to the drinking contest. LTW is going along to cheer the contestants. Kenric goes to Skyies Treasury. Lots of people are buying magic items for some reason…her shop inventory is almost gone.

Gerran, has decided to move through the crowd in disguise using his magical hot. He went to watch people at the drinking contest and spread rumors about our rivals, The Stormblades. Braedon went to the drinking contest, as well.

I am ready for the first day of the drinking contest, which is being held at outside of The Slippery Eel. The drink of the day was a beer called Lute’s Red Elbow. I learn that tomorrow the contest will be at Lady Ophelia’s club, The Cusp of Sunrise and we will be drinking Old Specal Crow (a mead). On Waterday the contest will continue outside the Coy Nixie and we will be served Thexlin Blond Ale. On Earthday, it will be at The Tipped Tankard and a keg of Snowblower Stout will be offered up. Freeday will be at the Drunken Morkoth and we will be drinking a bottle La fin Du Mond. Starday will be at the Lakeside Pavillion and the contest will be around a bottle of Galeaven Red.

There are a number of nobles in the crowd. The rules are simple. At each hit of a large drum the drinkers must drink. The last one standing wins that round. By chance I end up sitting down across from Cora Lathenmire. However there is a shuffle in seating and I get moved down one seat and end up facing a guy. Annah and Todd are absent from the area.

I drink several cups and then pass out but so does my opponent, only he passes out a split second before me and I am declared the winner. Cora loses. But I move on.

During the contest Braedon is introduced to Lady Knowlern.

She smiles at him and says, “It’s so nice to meet you, Braeden. Jenya says you are one of the priests of Pelor.“

She is prim and proper but likes to have fun. In the meantime I am passed out drunk but I made it to the next round! Did I mention that before? Sorry, I’m just so excited!

Kenric ends up spending the first day of the festival doing some research on “wild magic” at the Academy.



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