Thrice The Brinded Cat

A Rest Week V

Gerran ‘discovered’ 137 silver coins and 23 gold ones during his nightly ventures this week Seventeen of the silvers were marked with the Jester.

Gerran also uncovered more interesting things during his ‘patrols’. In particular . . .

  • There has been an infestation of spiders in the Amedio Jungle. No one knows where they have come from, but at least a score of people living on the outskirts have died from their lethal bites.
  • One of those crazy Suel tribes, led by a chief who calls himself Raptor Feather, has threatened to conquer Cauldron if tribute is not paid to him by the end of the season.
  • The Alleybashers have left town. Their leader, an enigmatic scoundrel named Jakob Gleerow, went missing a few weeks ago, but his head was found floating in Cauldron Lake.
  • A pack of baboons attacked a merchant caravan from Sasserine yesterday. Additional armed guards are being added to almost all traffic in and out of the city.
  • A black dragon was spotted by Wall Unit #3 three days ago. The beast was huge, but only glanced momentarily at the city as it passed.
  • The Lake Druid was spotted again! This time he lured six beggars to their watery deaths, but had over twenty drowned victims at his side – they were clearly dead, but walked as if they were alive and they did the druid’s bidding!
  • The Stormblades have discovered another set of ruins under Cauldron!

I continued to work on my weapon this week while Listens and Braedon continued their lessons. Kenric contnued to make scrolls.



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