Thrice The Brinded Cat

A Rest Week IV

Gerran continued to scour the streets of Cauldron for loose coin and loose talk.

Some of the more interesting tidbits included:

  • A band of nefarious halflings recently arrived in town and have organized a secret crime guild that operates within the massive outer walls of the city. The leader of the gang has eight toes on each foot and goes by the name of Lotramine.
  • New gold coins have been spotted in town. This time the sovereign mark has been replaced by the image of a morkoth.
  • Elves with skin as dark as night have been spotted by several Outrider Units in recent days. The elves vanish into the jungle whenever approached.
  • The Red Death is a curse that was created by the Scarlet Brotherhood, only it backfired and completely wiped them out! That is why they have disappeared from Sasserine.
  • Two more orphans have gone missing from the Lantern Street Orphanage in the last week. It is clear that old half-orc, Patch, is eating them.
  • Keygan Ghelve created a skeleton key when he installed the magical locks in the Cauldron prison. He secretly stashed it in the fur on top of his feet before being arrested and has been auctioning off it use among his fellow prisoners whenever the guards’ backs are turned.
  • The musicians known as The Rutgrobs are actually a gaggle of dopplegangers who plan to infiltrate the city.
  • The Council of Twelve voted to secretly ask the priests to delay receding the waters in this year’s Flood Festival as a means to give the poor quarter of the city a much needed bath.
  • Sir Alec Tercival left Cauldron yesterday to expunge a demon from a woman in Redgorge.

Braedon and Listens to Wind continued with all of their lessons this week. It seems to be going well as they are picking up the steps to the dances quite well.

I continued to work on the weapon this week. I made progress! Nightly, more dwarves continue to show up at the Hold. I agree that all dwarves from Duvak’s Mine can come to the Hold to worship.

Kenric mades made more spell scrolls.



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