Thrice The Brinded Cat

A Rest Week III

Earthday 30

While working at the forge I heard the gurgling of a creek, children laughing, and animals. However, as soon as we are quiet — there is nothing. This is the second week I failed to make progress on my weapon. Yahthaub was in the corner and his creepers were there with him. When suddenly I felt and heard the sound of sand falling between my feet.

I didn’t notice anything, but Yathaub said, "My lady what is that?" and he pointed at the statue of Moradin.

There was a giant piece of leather hanging from the statue’s arms. It was a smithy apron. I took it down and looked at it. I suddenly looked up again and saw a pair of leather gloves, a pair of leather armor bracers and a rapier in it’s scabbard on the other arm of the statue. Yathaub shouted, "They appeared out of no where!"

I looked up and the shrine had moved!. The arm now had moved to point directly at Yathaub. I took this as a sign and gave the armor to Yathaub. The leather gear fit him perfectly and I am now wearing the legendary apron of the Hall (AC 3, +2 metal stone and craft ). Yathaub wears the legendary Gauntlets of Moradin (3 Strength), the Bracers of the Hall (+ 5 AC), and “Sentinal” (+2 rapier). Yathaub has decided to begin praying to Moradin.

I thanked Moradin that day.

Later I went up to Gurezarn’s house and told my two apprentice dwarves about what had happened. They were so excited, they asked to bring their families down to the Hold to witness the Shrine. Soon we had quite a few dwarves worshiping at the foot of the Shrine to Moradin. I introduced the group to Yathaub, who now considers himself to be a “Defender of the Hold.”

Godsday 31

Kenric continued to work on scrolls and worked for the Aslaxins this week. He noticed there were only four wizards left working at The Coy Nixie. At one point, the foreman asked Kenric if he would mind serving drinks during The Demonskar Ball. He agreed and they provided him with a uniform — it was a little tuxedo.

Listens to Wind hunted, and looked for strange things happening out in the Amedio Jungle. While hunting he trapped a panther and gave it to the beast master. This week Listen received a letter back from Sasserine. It turned out Terrem’s family didn’t want him, afterall. His extended family had cut ties with his parents. Listens asked Kenric for help to get background on Terrem’s mother in Thexlan. He wanted to contact one of the sea faring groups out of Sasserine, maybe to try contacting the Church of The Whirling Furies. Kenric wrote a letter to the Church to see if they had anyone in Thexlan who knew of Terrem’s mother and to find out information on her family. Also, he wanted to know if they had information on the Kiratis family linage, why didn’t they want Terrem?

Braedon continued with his etiquette and dance lessons, and he also preached at the Church of Pelor this week. The costumes arrived. The Nabthatoron costume was huge! The costume is nine feet tall and it takes a few minutes to get into it. It has a giant demon head, huge ram horns, it constantly spews drool and snot, and it has giant fangs.



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