Thrice The Brinded Cat

A Much Needed Rest

Waterday, Rainyday 22 – Sunday, Darkday 26, CY 594

Ah, Diary. How I have missed you.

The Moonhowlers have taken a long-overdue break. The rainy season has passed and the plantations have all begun their third harvest of the year. I’ve never actually seen frost on the ground, but I’ve heard its quite common in the lands to the north. Even so, the season of Frostday has come and gone and we are deep into the season of Darkday. Twelve and a half weeks have passed since my last entry.

During this time the Moonhowlers have been poking along at various tasks to keep our minds and bodies from wasting. Kenric finished up his report for the Blue Crater Academy. He passed his test and his success at investigating Mors Frigus was apparently so great that he was asked to start a lecture series – which he has done – in twenty-three parts, of course! He also spent time with Yathaub talking, drinking my ale and playing dragonchess. He has spent a lot of time gently coaxing the story of the dark one and learning more about what brought him and the creepers up from the Underdark. It turns out he was on the run with a drow Princess named Laila D’aub and her handmaiden. The handmaiden turned out to be Shensen, who we met at the Lucky Monkey. During their travels they joined with that bastard Kazmodjen. it was while with Kaz that Yathaub met and fought with Zenith Splintershield and his band of dwarves who had left the Malachite Hold on a crusade to cleanse the Underdark of evil. The battle occurred nearly a year ago, seven days travel underground from the Malachite Hold.

Braedon had been working with Listens to Wind on setting up a training school and Listens started his beast training business. Some day I’d like to tell you all about Listens To Wind’s first attempts at capturing wild jungle animals for his glorified petting zoo. Unfortunately for you, I still can’t even begin to tell anyone about the giant dire capeberas, the hungry dieonychus or the pissed off bull-elephant in heat without breaking into delirious bouts of laughter. Let’s just save those tales for another day, okay?

I worked day and night and finally finished my journeyman’s piece. It is a war hammer. I am very proud of this piece and have now been given two apprentices to teach. I have also continued to see the dwarven drummer, Kraghammer. It seems to be going well. Karina explored the city and discovered new and amazing things.

During this time Listens to Wind and Kenric discovered that Skye’s business was almost out of stock! However, the adventuring business in the city has been slowly drying up for some reason. So, the big question is, who has been buying up the supplies and why?

The other thing that has kept us busy these past weeks has been Celeste’s insatiable curiosity with that demon-worshiping cult, the Ebon Triad. She has been working with her boss to come up with a complex plan to track the activities of that mysterious group and we, apparently, were part of that plan. Celeste told us that she and her boss felt the Moonhowlers were needed in Cauldron, but she needed a group that she could trust to go under cover and investigate the cult. She asked us to scour the city in search of a capable party of adventurers who wouldn’t mind getting out of town for a while. We worked pretty hard at it and eventually came up with four individuals who might do the trick. Celeste sent word that we were to bring the four candidates with us tomorrow and meet her at a place in town called Third Eye.

I just get the feeling something bad is brewing in Cauldron. Maybe the Moonhowlers will have to come out of retirement soon.

Wishing you the best,

Braenna Blackhammer



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