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Thrice the Brinded Cat

Thrice The Brinded Cat is actually The Shackled City Adventure Path, by Paizo Publishing, as run by our gaming group in Moscow, ID. The Shackled City, or SCAP, is an adventure path set in the city of Cauldron located amid the Amedio Jungle on the world of Oerth.

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Chapter One – Life's Rich Bazaar

Well….shoot. I guess we took to long to play out this little movie. Braeden, Braenna, Gerran, and Gramps all moved on to other pursuits. We did finish out this chapter and we’ll get the last of Braenna’s Diary pages up here soon. Maybe someday the Moonhowler’s will re-unite, but for now, please enjoy the adventure’s of our spin-off group from Sasserine. We call them, the C-Team (or the Sea Team, whichever you prefer).

Thrice The Brinded Cat

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