Off the northeast coast of the Sasserine Peninsula, Thexlan is a lawless, brutal and drunken city of brigands, cutthroats and backstabbers. Population: 9,500 (Human 77%, half-orc 11%, half elf 7%, halfling 3%, gnome 1%, other 1%). Resources: unknown.

Thexlan has always had a history of drawing in the dregs of humanity, but after the Hold of the Sea Princes lost control of the peninsula to the Scarlet Brotherhood, the situation in the town degraded even more. The Brotherhood simply ignored Thexlan, rumor has it the Brotherhood may have even banished some of the more repugnant of their conquered lands to this town. Thexlan is generally credited with putting the c in cesspool.

Thexlan is never ruled, nor does it recognize any government whatsoever. The populace generally kowtow to whichever pirate-lord-d’jour has the most men, ships, gold or rum. At any given time there are no less than twenty pirate lords operating out of the area. Hundreds of floating objects often identified (or mistaken) for ships cram the tiny, open harbor and battles or skirmishes between pirate vessels occur on a daily basis. The crystal-clear tropical waters around Thexlan are marred by the thousands of sunken ships and its beautiful sandy shores are littered with ages-accumulation of flotsam and jetsam.

The town, itself, is small but filthy. It mostly consists of wooden structures forming owner-less tenement buildings or flop-houses. Rowdy taverns and brothels make up nearly all commercial business in Thexlan, with smugglers, slavers and butchers taking up the rest of the commerce.


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