The Reed Works

An open-air set of stalls are spread out in front of Cauldron’s Beggar’s Guild. Over twenty individuals sell their wares here and shout at you as you pass by.

“Baskets of Wonder, sold here! Woven by the most skilled of weavers in all of Sasserine!”

The barking of salesmen becomes a cacophony of noise and the heady aroma of unwashed, sweaty bodies makes the air thick and unsavory.

ITEM PRICE Star of Valor
Discount 20%
Baskets Price Discount
Large storage (4 ft tall) 3 gp 2gp 4 sp
Large storage (3 ft tall) 2 gp 5 sp 2 gp
Medium picnic 5 gp 4 gp
Small picnic 3 gp 2gp 4 sp
Medium storage 7 sp 5 sp 6 cp
Small storage 5 sp 4 sp
Tiny storage 1 gp 8 sp
Cages Price Discount
Large (monkey size) 4 gp 3gp 2 sp
Medium (lizard size) 3 gp 2gp 4 sp
Small (bird size) 1 gp 8sp
Tiny (mantis size) 2 gp 1gp 6sp
Sleepware Price Discount
Large sleeping mat 3 gp 2gp 4sp
Small sleeping mat 1 gp 5 sp 1gp 2sp
Small sleeping mat 5 sp 4sp
Hammock (M) 6 gp 4gp 8 sp
Woven yurt 23 gp 18gp 4 sp
Odds and Ends Price Discount
2 Wicker armor (M) 1 gp 8sp
Money belt 5 gp 4gp
Camel hair belt * 3 gp 1gp
Twine 50’ 2 sp 1gp 6sp
Beekeepers outfit 10 gp 8gp
* indicates magic detected

The Reed Works

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