Summerglen Glass

Hybrinian Lovis is Cauldron’s resident glassblower and runs this elegant establishment off Lava Avenue. Much of the walls of this building are, in fact, made of glass and ornate skylights decorate the ceiling. Two large stained-glass panels above the front entryway magnificently display Hybrinian’s skill as an artist.

Hybrinian spends most of her day at the back of the shop at the kiln, blowing glass into bottles, vials or floats. On other days, she prefers to create sheets of glass for window panes or artistic panels.

The prices at Summerglen are quite reasonable. She does a terrific business making and selling glass floats for fishing nets. She supplies all of the fishing fleet at Lake Cauldron and has recently branched out to customers in Sasserine. She also sells creates custom alchemical equipment to the Bluecrater Academy and provides all of Weer’s vials for his shop.

Hybrinian’s stained glass and window panes are a luxury item often purchased by the nobility and the local churches. These pieces require 2 days up to 2 weeks prior notice for custom jobs and are a bit on the pricey side.

The shop employs six apprentices and three sales staff.

ITEM PRICE Star of Valor
Discount 20%
Glass floats (S) 8 cp each 6 cp
Glass floats (L) 1 gp each 8 sp
Alchemical equipment 5 sp per piece 4 sp
Alchemical lab 500 gp 400 gp
Glass vial 1 gp each 8 sp
Wine cup 5 gp each 4 gp
Ornamental bowl (S) 8 sp 6 sp 4 cp
Ornamental bowl (M) 2 gp 1 gp 6 sp
Ornamental bowl (L) 15 gp 12 gp
Glass beads 1 cp each
Window pane 2 gp each 1 gp 6 sp
Stained glass (1 ft sq) 5 gp each 4 gp
* indicates magic detected

Summerglen Glass

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