Orak's Bathhouse

Orak’s Bathhouse is a squat, windowless building of dark stone located on Lava Avenue, due south of Bluecrater Lake. The building is normally open from noon to midnight every day. The owner, Orak Stonehaven, runs the place with a few bath-girls and a magical Decanter of Endless Water to help him out.

Orak charges 1 sp for a bath and another silver piece for a bar of soap. Use of a towel is free and Orak doesn’t allow weapons or armor inside the building.

Inside the building the main room is dominated by a single 3-foot deep bath of room-temperature water. A towel storage closet and changing rooms a set to one side of the main room. A series of private baths and Orak’s office can be found on the opposite side of the main room.

Recently, the Moonhowlers have discovered a set of stair behind a doorway within Orak’s office that seems to lead down into a lost portion of Jzadirune. The bugbear vampire, Drakthar, has taken up residence in this area.

Orak's Bathhouse

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