Phunki Rowche, a pale, greasy young man with an eccentric taste in clothing runs this small shop tucked away right off the opulent Obsidian Avenue.

Inside the bamboo paneled shop are mountains of wooden bins, carefully stacked on top of each other so at least half of the open tops are accessible. A set of expensive counterweight scales are set on the main counter where buyers can pre-weigh their own baskets. Tin scoops carefully hang from small pegs throughout the shop and customers can load up their baskets with the copious stock of aromatic spices, herbs and other odd ingredients that can be found in the shop.

When customers are shopping in his store Phunki is prone to flitting about with unbridled nervous energy and often chitters away at small talk. His loyal customers know to respond with polite nods and gentle affirmations, but those new to the store who try to converse with him soon discover Phunki rarely says things that make much sense. “Oh, the orchids are in cautious grendles today, Madam Folkrey,” and “I’ve had the most wonderful yellows, or maybe reds, since the last time we ran the number, Viscount,” are common musings by the odd young man.

A recent run on the garlic supplies in Cauldron caused the price of that commodity to soar in recent seasons, otherwise the prices here are quite fair and reasonable.

Karina detected magic at this shop and upon further investigation she discovered the aura emanated from a single large bag at the back of the shop – not coming from inside the bag, but the material of the bag itself. Karina watched Phunki and discovered that he would occasionally visit this bag, reach in and retrieve largish sacks and boxes from inside it. After some bit of observation she realized that he was restocking his entire store (somehow) just from the contents of this single bag.

If asked about the Star of Valor discount, Phunki looks quizzically and replies with, “Hmmm? Ah, whazzat?” and then notices the rafters need dusting.

ITEM PRICE Star of Valor
Discount 20%
Per lb. Discount
Peppercorn 7 cp
Cinnamon sticks 4 cp
Cloves 6 cp
Nutmeg 1 sp 5 cp
Ginger root 4 cp
Saffron 500 gp
Cardamon 1 sp
Corriander 5 cp
Cumin 7 cp
Peyote 70 gp
Salt 2 gp
Garlic 6 cp
Anise 5 cp
Carraway seeds 4 cp
Mustards seeds 1 cp
Mace 4 sp
Tumeric 1 sp
Basil 1 cp
Bay 2 cp
Dill 3 cp
Horseradish 7cp
Mint 2 cp
Hashish 2 gp
Rosemary 9 cp
Parsley 2 cp
Sage 7 cp
Sugar 2 cp
Thyme 5 cp
Alder bark 2 sp
Willow bark 1 sp
Psilocybin 15 gp
Thistle 1 sp 5 cp
Chamomile 1 sp
Chicory 5 cp
Coltsfoot 6 cp
Cowslip 1 gp
Belladonna 2 gp
Fennel 6 cp
Foxglove 5 sp
Hemlock 2 gp
Hops 4 cp
Iris 1 gp
Jonswort 7 sp
Witchhazel 4 sp
Juniper 5 cp
Larch 7 sp
Licorice root 8 sp
Mandrake 12 gp
Monkshood 4 gp
Nettle 5 cp
Oregeno 1 sp
Poppy 1 gp
Soapwort 6 cp
White willow 5 sp
Wormwood 3gp
Yarrow 2 cp
Arsenic 2 gp
Frankincense 20 gp
Eucalyptus 6 cp
* indicates magic detected


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