A spate of recent kidnappings in Cauldron has begun to panic the local citizenry. To date, 25 people have gone missing over the past three months.

When Jenya Urikas of the Church of St Cuthbert found out about the latest victims, four children from the Lantern Street Orphanage, she made a public vow to find them.

Jenya used The Star of Justice to commune with St Cuthbert on the matter. She received a cryptic answer to her question.

As part of her efforts, Jenya hired the Moonhowlers to help track down the missing children.

Here is some clues:

People have been kidnapped from every district in the town. The crimes are not particularly localized. Most of the victims are low-to middle-class citizens, but otherwise nothing seems to connect them. All of the recent kidnappings have occurred at night. The kidnappers prefer to strike on overcast nights or when the moon is new. The perpetrators pick the locks of the victims’ dwellings. Once inside, they grab their prey, steal any loot they can gather quickly, and vacate the premises. No witnesses have come forward to report screams, loud scuffles, or sinister figures creeping about on the nights of the kidnappings.

Here is a list of the kidnappings the Moonhowlers received from Sergeant Justin Maltemps:

Recent Abductees

Tiervan Wisport (male gnome, age 91): A local alchemist, Tiervan lived with two cats and ran a marginally successful business. He disappeared 88 nights ago.

Jorl Seerkin (male gnome, age 72): A law clerk who worked for a local gnome barrister named Aeryk Gylbar, he disappeared from his home 83 nights ago.

Azmi Dresker (female human, age 19): A known prostitute who plied her trade at the Slippery Eel Tavern, she disappeared from her residence 81 nights ago. She and a coworker, Shellen Rycah, rented the house from an old woman named Matira Hathaway, who was asleep in the house that night and didn’t hear anything.

Shellen Rycah (female human, age 20): Another prostitute who frequented the Slippery Eel Tavern and shared a house with coworker Azmi Dresker and their landlord. Shellen disappeared 81 nights ago.

Krylscar Endercott (male human, age 24): Kicked out of the local milita for drunk and disorderly conduct, Krylscar vanished from his parents’ home 74 nights ago. Neither parent hear or saw anything suspicious, but they believe Krylscar may have robbed them and fled the town in disgrace.

Callum Sunnyrush (male Halfling, age 37): He groomed horses and ponies for the Lathenmire noble family. He vanished from his room at a cozy local inn 69 nights ago.

Gryffon Malek (male human, age 32): He worked as a barkeep at the Tipped Tankard tavern. He disappeared 66 days ago, three days before his planned wedding to tavern barmaid Imelie Deranti.

Szordra Callagher (female human, age 35): A self-proclaimed sage, she ran her own small bookstore. She was last seen 60 nights ago by her 18-year-old Leagan, a mason’s apprentice.

Tembor Kalavan (male human, age 25): A local minstrel of some repute, he vanished 52 nights ago from his room in the Laughing Horse Inn.

Irruth Mercadi (female human, age 36): A local chandler who disappeared from the apartment above her shop 47 nights ago.

Deven Myrzal (male human, age 18): A lamplighter who vanished 45 nights ago. Guards found the pole Deven used to unhook hanging lanterns in the street a few blocks from his home (which was not robbed).

Jeneer Everdawn (female Halfling, age 42): A jeweler’s apprentice who did volunteer work at Bluecrater Academy, she disappeared 40 nights ago.

Lorthan Ironfold (male dwarf, age 125): A skilled Cartwright. He and his wife Sondor, vanished from their home 35 nights ago.

Sondor Ironfold (female dwarf, age 127): Wife of Lorthan Ironfold, she and her husband disappeared 35 nights ago.

Rikaldo Vesker (male human, age 34): His ransacked home contained blood droplets and blood-encrusted knives – not surprising, since Rikaldo worked as a skinner. He disappeared 31 nights ago.

Lestor Coldwater (male human, age 22): A trained scribe and struggling poet. He and his girlfriend, Jelluth, vanished from her home 26 nights ago.

Jelluth Sirlana (female half-elf, age 33): A struggling shoemaker who inherited her father’s failing business, she vanished (along with her boyfriend, Lestor) 26 nights ago.

Elethor Ashstaff (male half-elf, age 58): A wizard and trickster who occasionally performed minor feats of prestidigitation at birthday parties for upper-class children. A dead rat – possibly Elethor’s familiar – was found in his home. He vanished 22 nights ago.

Maple (female Halfling, age 32): Last name unknown. Maple was rumored to be associated with the Alleybashers. She disappeared 18 nights ago.

Corystan Pike (female human, age35): A retired adventurer who was living on stolen loot, she walked with a cane. She disappeared from her modest abode 16 nights ago.

Jasper Drundlesput (male gnome, age 74): A reclusive and eccentric mathematician who worked at Bluecrater Academy, he is believed to have vanished nine days ago. Pieces of parchment covered with numbers and symbols littered the floor of his ransacked house.

Deakon Stormshield (male dwarf, age 20): A bright dwarf, Deakon was taken from the Lantern Street Orphanage three nights ago. The orphanage took him in when he was six years old, after his parents failed to return from an adventure.

Evelyn Radavec (female human, age 9): A quiet, sullen girl, she was taken from the Lantern Street Orphanage three nights ago. Her father and mother succumbed to the filth fever plague that struck Cauldron seven years ago.

Lucinda Aldreen (female human, age 8): A gregarious but superstitious child given to the Lantern Street Orphanage at age four by her poverty-stricken mother, Lucinda was abducted from the orphanage three nights ago.

Terrem Kharatys (male human, age 9): This orphan, taken from the Lantern Street Orphanage three nights ago, is a dour and temperamental lad. His parents died shortly after his birth (circumstances unknown).


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