Grande Linen

Grande Linen is the premier tailor in Cauldron. Employing more than two dozen tailors and seamstresses, Lord Grendyle Nahrs manages to keep most of Cauldron in clothes!

Grendyle, nor is rather large family, is really of the local nobility. His work is so loved, however, by Cauldron’s rich and famous, that Lords Tucklin and Vhalantru began calling him Lord Nahrs and the name just stuck. Grendyle did nothing to dissuade his new nom de guerre.

Nahrs keeps a modest stock of clothes on hand for immediate purchase. Buyers can also get in line and wait 1d4 hours to have their purchase tailored right there in the shop. Another option is to have a piece custom stitched. A custom outfitting costs 50% more than the base item listed below and takes 1 day to make for each 10 gp it the final price.

The Moonhowlers have visited Grande Linen on several occasions. While Kenric’s custom-made clothes were ultimately completed by tailors in Sasserine, the work was commissioned by Lord Nahrs. Later, Braeden had his Flood Festival Nabthatoron costume commissioned at Grand Linen, and recently the crew patroned the shop when their street clothes were not up to snuff when trying to get past Major Domo Renjin at the Cusp of Sunrise.

ITEM PRICE Star of Valor
Discount 20%
Per lb. Discount
Long tunic and cowl 1 gp 8 sp
Religious robes 5 gp 4 gp
Fur lined pant, shirt and cap 8 gp 6 gp 4 sp
Silk pantaloons 9 gp 7 gp 2 sp
Fine ruffled chemise 10 gp 8 gp
Leather vest and belt and ornamental scabbard 11 gp 8 gp 8 sp
Hooped dress and bodice 30 gp 24 gp
Loose shirt and rough spun pant 3 gp 2 gp 4 sp
Jester’s leotards and smock 3 gp 2 gp 4 sp
Leather pants 3 gp 2 gp 4 sp
Men’s or women’s cotton blouse 2 gp 1 gp 6 sp
Leather over tunic 3 gp 2 gp 4 sp
Wide brimmed hat 1 gp 8 sp
Leather belt 1 gp 8 sp
Loose tweed pants 2 gp 1 gp 6 sp
Loose tweed shirt 3 gp 2 gp 4 sp
Elven Jungle Cloak* 2,500 gp 2,000 gp
Fine silk pant with gold thead 35 gp 28 gp
Fine silk shirt 15 gp 12 gp
Gold thread coat 30 gp 24 gp
Sackcloth long tunic and sash 1 sp 8 cp
Gold threaded dress 75gp 60 gp
Gem studded pants 95 gp 76 gp
Gem studded shirt and coat 100 gp 80 gp
Silk sash 5 gp 4 gp
Gem studded dress and full train 200 gp 160 gp
Robe 3 gp 2gp 4 sp
Cloak 2 gp 1 gp 6 sp
Wool shirt 5 sp 4 sp
Wool pant 5 sp 4 sp
Woolen dress 1 gp 8 sp
* indicates magic detected

Grande Linen

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