As if a spate of kidnappings wasn't enough, Cauldron also seems to be suffering from a rogue graffiti artist.  Over the past few weeks, nearly a dozen incidents of red paint splattered in crazy designs have been appearing throughout the city.  While a number of Town Guard units are on alert to try catch the vandal, no trace of the culprit has turned up. 

The graffiti attacks seem to happen at night.

Tarmy Twobuckle, of Town Guard Unit 6, apparently is in charge of cleaning up the mess.  It is unclear, at this point, as to what Tarmy did to Justin, his Duty Leader or Captain Skellerang to deserve this punishment, but you can find poor Tarmy washing walls during the day and pulling his regular patrol duty at night.

Kenric was able to decipher the graffiti and recognized it as goblin script.

One bit of goblin script in the alley where Ruphus was attacked read, "Death Nears"

Another set of graffiti outside Ghelve's Locks read, "Drakthar is dead. Long live Drakthar!"


Tarmy Twobuckle discovered a band of goblins painting graffiti late at night and was allowed a patrol to ambush the little cretins. Currently, 3 of the little buggers reside in the jail under Town Hall: Brog, Fergi and Galt.



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