Gnomish Treasures

The Moonhowlers have a number of trustworthy outlets to fence or sell the various treasures they acquire on their adventures. While most of the merchants they have had dealings with in Cauldron have been honest and fair, let’s face it, business is business no matter where you are and the risk of loosing out on big profits is always there!

  • As luck or genetics would have it, Kenric’s parents are successful jewelers in town. Belios on Magma can be found at location #69 on the Southeast Quadrant map of Cauldron.
  • Braenna works as an apprentice smith at Gurnezarn’s, #73 in the Southeast Quadrant where all types of scrap metal and generic weaponry and armor can be sold for a fair price.
  • Recently, the Moonhowlers have discovered Skie’s Treasury, #26 on the Northwest Quadrant map. Skie will trade for magic items, although it is clear the party is unsure how trustworthy and fair she will be.
  • The party is also aware that Tygot Mispas, proprietor of Tygot’s Old Things, #48 on the Northeast Quadrant map is interested in purchasing any antiques they may find.
  • They have also considered approaching Lady Ophellha Knowlern at the Cusp of Sunrise as a possible customer for some of the fancier things they have acquired, but tracking down the recluse noble has proved challenging.

The following is the results of a day spent trying to unload the Jzadirune Treasure Hoard on the merchants of Cauldron . . .

Type Acquisition Liquidator Total Price
Jewelry - -
* 3 Orange Citrines Belios 150 gp
- 1 Silver bracelet with winged figures Belios 25 gp
* 1 silver asp ring with azurite eyes Belios 25 gp
* 1 silver ewer engraved with dancing dryads set with moss agates Belios 75 gp
* 1 blue spinel Belios 500 gp
* 1 red spinel Belios 650 gp
* 1 violet spinel Belios 350 gp
* 1 gold comb set with orange citrine chips Tygot 150 gp
* 3 zircons Belios 150 gp
- 3 silver rings, 1, 2, and 3. Belios 15 gp
- 2 gold rings, 1 and 2. Belios 50 gp
- 1 inscribed platinum bracelet Belios 175 gp
* 1 silver dragon pendant with moonstone eyes Belios 125 gp
2 tourmalines Belios 200 gp
Sub-total - - *2,640 gp
Antiques - -
* 1 engraved music box set with lapis lazuli Tygot 175 gp
- 3 large paintings first, second, third. Tygot 225 gp
- 1 silver framed hand mirror Tygot 15 gp
- 38 pieces copper and bronze trinkets Tygot 8 gp
- 4 engraved copper cups Tygot 25 gp
- 1 Pelor emblem Tygot 45 gp
- 2 ceramic jugs with stoppers Tygot 5 sp
- 150 clay dishes Tygot 1 gp 5 sp
- 25 clay bowls Tygot 5 sp
- 200 cups and mugs Tygot 5 gp
- 1000 pieces of wooden flatware Tygot 11 gp
- 1 silver fork Tygot 2 gp
- 1 silver spoon Tygot 3 gp
- 3 carved chests Tygot 6 gp
- various Gnome toys Tygot 15 gp
Sub-total - - 537 gp 5 sp
Metal - - -
- 2 gnomish half plate armor Gurnezarn 300 gp
- 1 gnomish full plate armor Gurnezarn 300 gp
- 1 rapier Gurnezarn 10 gp
- 3 small shields Gurnezarn 12 gp
- lots of scrap metal Gurnezarn 250 gp
Sub-total - - 872 gp
Total Loot - - 4,049 gp 5 sp
  • Orange citrine – citrine is a variety of quartz crystal with iron impurities which changes the crystal’s color from pale yellow to dark brown. While quartz is a very common mineral on Oerth, the citrine is rare and in high demand for its beauty and use in art jewelry. As with all quartz crystals, it’s purest natural form is that of a six-sided prism with a six-sided pyramid cap at each end. Gnomes prefer quartz crystals for their piezoelectric properties, that is they develop an electric potential upon the application of mechanical stress (no idea? ask a gnome).
  • Blue spinel – spinels are mineral crystals that form in a cubic matrix, rather than a prism. In rare occurrences, the spinel grows to gem-quality. Spinels occur in a variety of colors, including red, pink, violet, blue, green, aqua, orange, yellow, brown, and black – rarely white or colorless. Spinels are valued by alchemists as they are thought to have the potential to house life energies – the quality of life energy housed within the gem dictates it’s color with white spinels housing the purist of life energies and black housing the most vile. Clear spinels are empty of energy or have had their energies removed via arcane means. Spinels are rare and are in high demand.
  • Azurite – a soft deep-blue copper mineral that grows from a rectangular matrix into a prismatic one at larger stages. Azurite’s vivid opaque blue properties are valued by jewelers and dyers, as it is often ground up and turned into beautiful blue pigment. It is a common mineral found in the volcanis Hellfurnace region of Oerth and is valued domestically and abroad.
  • Moss Agate – agates are any type of mineral embedded in chalcedony or quartz silica, and moss agates are any type of agate where the mineral is green in color; often horneblend. The green striations set in the waxy chalcedony often resembles the fine bleu-cheese produced in Greyhawk and other cities of the Flanness. Agates are common and generally used for affordable jewelry. Because of their varied colors and properties, agates are a common component in many wizard spells, dark vision spells in particular.
  • Lapis Lazuli – unlike azurite, lapis lazuli is a rock and not a mineral. A mineral is made from a single mineral with a single set of properties, while rocks are an amalgamation of multiple minerals. Lapis lazuli is generally a brilliant blue with lazurite being its main constituent and augite, diopside, enstatite, mica, hauynite, hornblende and nosean often making up the rest. This rock is highly sought after for its ability to perform as a brilliant inlay to works of art, columns, walls and other surfaces. It is also often ground and used as a pigment for dyes and paints.
  • Zircon – a very common mineral found in igneous rock all over Oerth, especially in the Hellfurnaces. While it can technically be used as a semi-precious gemstone for its lustrous qualities,it is more often used by unscrupulous jewelers as a fake diamond. In nature it appears as a tetragonal crystal forming a cubic base and ending in a four-sided pyramid cap. It is also highly sought after by metalsmiths and glass blowers for its ability to grind and etch metals and glass, alike.
  • Moonstones – any feldspar that has an internal sheen caused by light refracting within the construct. Moonstones are rare and comes in an assortment of colors. It is colorless to light blue, and may also be white, yellow, orange, and reddish. It is used in both jewelry and often as an arcane or divine spell component or focus – usually for spells invoking light.
  • Tourmalines – there are many, many types of tourmalines, depending upon the mineral embedded in its silicate structure. Tourmaline crystals also form in different shapes, from small elegant gems to thin needles to fat luscious stones. They are highly sought after by jewelers and appeal to the noble classes throughout the Flanness.

Gnomish Treasures

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