Gerran's Leadership Page

The charismatic Gerran has reached a level in both skill and renown where he has begun to attract followers. The 3.5 DMG lists four options:

Allies: These are NPC co-party members that may follow the Moonhowlers as a group (not Gerran as an individual) and may occasionally wish to accompany them on any given mission. Allies will join the group when their goals and the goals of the party intersect (and if the party agrees to allow them to tag along). Allies receive a full share of the XP and generally get a full share of the loot. Fario and Fellian are considered allies of the party, as well as Ixy and Yathaub.

Hirelings: Paid help, plain and simple. When Gerran manages to find workers for his brothel he will have hired hirelings. These folks usually do not go on adventures as they are often too low level or not skilled in the adventure-trade. They would not get any XP, they wouldn’t get a share of any treasure and they certainly wouldn’t get a “say” in any party decisions.

Cohorts and Followers: Now these are the fellows that Gerran attracts because of his Leadership feat. He gains a cohort when he took the feat (which turned out to be good ’ol Jero Stogley) and he can also have up to 6 1st level followers. The number of followers and max level of his cohort is determined by his Leadership Score. At 6th level when he took the feat, his Leadership Score was 11 (6th level + 3 Cha bonus + 2 Fame Points). He can have more cohorts but that all depends on how Gerran moves and shakes in the world.

Cohorts have to be at least 2 levels less than Gerran and they gain XP whenever they accompany him on his adventures. If Jero accompanies Gerran on an adventure he will not count as a party member when the XP is divided up, but he will gain an amount equal to 2/3 the amount Gerran earns. Dave will have to keep Jero’s char sheet and keep track of this amount. Jero only asks for his pay which Gerran has decided would be 2 times what he earned while serving in the guard. Jero actually made 14 silver per week in the guard which means Gerran would be paying him 2.8 gp per week.

Gerran has begun to attract followers, too. He can currently attract 6 1st level followers with his Leadership Score, but he will get an instant +2 bonus to his Score once he opens his brothel. He will also gain +1 for each level and +1 for each new Fame point. Jero has tracked down 5 candidates for followers – these are good men and women, like himself, who have been let go from the Guard. Gerran will need to pay his followers, too. They are used to getting 1 sp per day from the City, so Gerran says he will pay them 1.4 gp per week.

We can create a table below to keep track of cohorts, followers and payment schedules:

Name Rank Class Lvl Gen Race AC Hps Attack Pay/week
© Jero Stogley Security Chielf F/R 1/3 M H 15 19 hit: +5 dam: 1d6+2 2.8 gp
(f) Devrala Nipti Guard F 1 F D 15 10 hit: +1 dam: 1d8+1 1.4 gp
(f) Gulrond Amythir Guard F 1 M E 15 9 hit: +1 dam: 1d8+1 1.4 gp
(f) Woodly Bournstock Guard F 1 M H 16 10 hit: +1 dam: 1d8+1 1.4 gp
(f) Arlain Dundan Guard F 1 M H 15 12 hit: +1 dam: 1d8+1 1.4 gp
(f) Tynde Cilae Guard F 1 F H 15 10 hit: +2 dam: 1d8+2 1.4 gp

Gerran's Leadership Page

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